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Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Brandon Schut

Often at conferences, I feel torn between more than one session scheduled at the same time. I once got the advice from a colleague, “If you don’t know where to go, choose the presenter you know will make it worth your while.”...

Picture Kelly Mendoza

Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Kelly Mendoza

In this age of information overload, as a teacher, I often find it overwhelming trying to educate my students on what is worthy of using in the classroom. What is real? What is fake? How can we teach those critical thinking skills? Kelly...

Picture: Mark J Loundy

Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Mark J Loundy

Makerspaces. It’s one of those buzz words in education right now. You know you NEED to have one, but why? That’s exactly the mission Mark Loundy’s has taken on at Fall CUE. Come check out his session and learn why creating a...

Spotlighting Innovation Celebration

In this week’s episode, TOSAs Talking Tech highlight some great sessions at the upcoming SGVCUE Innovation Celebration. First is @judyblakeney and @drtriciahyun presenting “Leaps of Strengths” a focus on a Strengths-Based...

Picture Scott Moss

Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Scott Moss

One thing I ofter hear is, “I need more innovative options for NGSS.” This is probably because my running partner is a middle school science teacher. She has my ear at 5am as I’m panting trying to keep up with her. So many...

Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Devin Rossiter

I can’t tell you how many times I have searched Youtube hoping to find the perfect video to aide instruction, only to find ones of poor quality or not quite the right information. Devin Rossiter has the solution. Drop by his session at...