6 Reasons Why CUE.org Needs a Blog

CUE.org is passionately committed to advancing Ed Tech Professional Development and we are convinced that a vibrant blogging platform will help advance innovation in education on several fronts.

It seemed fitting to launch with our first blog about “Why CUE Needs a Blog?”.

#1 – The pace of change and the sheer volume of information seem to dictate a categorized information one-stop source.  Blogs can (and should) be tagged with the information contained in a post.

These tags and the information in a post may be search and cross-indexed.  Over time, a well-executed blog becomes a permanent location for quality information that would otherwise be forgotten or marginalized over time.

#2 – The blog forms a permanent structure in the CUE.org website.  This information is always available.  Authors, contributors and members are able to create content that archives important thought in a place that will not be erased, forgotten or deleted.

The content of other forms of social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) is not the property of the CUE once posted on those sites and therefore, cannot be categorized, preserved and presented in ways that our members will find most useful.

#3 – Our blog is highly interactive.  CUE members are highly engaged people and the blog gives a voice to the community at large.  We feel strongly that CUE members have a lot to say and we want to make sure you have a place to say it!

By creating the CUE blog platform as more than a company page, but a true platform for community engagement and contribution, we stay true to our Mission.

#4 – CUE produces a great deal of useful information.  One of the real values of CUE membership is to convert information into actionable knowledge that positively impacts the lives of our members and their students.

The blog concept allows CUE to compile previously unconnected articles, videos, and presentations into topical clusters that you can use to “dive” into a particular topic with a summary guide and multiple sources of information and perspectives.

#5 – We scan many other publications on a regular basis.  When we see a particularly good article, we will summarize it for you and give you a link to the original source.

Think of this a “cliff notes” that allow you to scan for information that is important or relevant to you.

#6 – Guest bloggers.  The Ed Tech community is a busy, productive and vibrant group of highly committed professionals.

We are inviting those voices to our blog.  We want to make sure that the latest information is available to you and provide an outlet when you have something to say!

For more information or to inquire about being a guest blogger for CUE, contact us at blog@cue.org.

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