Announcing the #EduWin Awards

M.Lawrence2014By CUE  Member and CEO Mike Lawrence

#EduWin Awards

On behalf of CUE, I just finished making an exciting announcement with EdReach. Special thanks to the CUE Communications Committee members Bill Selak and Elizabeth Calhoon for taking this exciting project on and helping develop and launch it!

The #EduWin Awards

When putting together the idea for The #EduWin Awards, we asked ourselves- “How can we recognize the amazing things that are happening in education, in the classiest way possible?” Is there something that’s already happening on the web, that we can tap into? Some movement already underway?

And then we looked on the web and we realized that there was already a movement happening that is recognizing education. It’s the #EduWin hashtag. Why don’t we take the best of those, and create a way to curate and collect the most amazing #EduWins? Then highlight those amazing moments?

So- here we are: The #EduWin Awards.

It’s time to recognize not just teachers- but citizens, parents, students- all of those folks that are involved in taking education forward. One thing is clear- amazing things are happening in education every day. We need an honest way to highlight those moments in a classy, no-frills way.

So this marks year one of The #EduWin Awards. Go ahead and nominate someone that you know- who is taking education forward.

It may not be Hollywood. But it’s going to be awesome.

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