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CUE’s Golden Rule

CUE is a community of people. Humans. Mothers and fathers. Sons and daughters. Husbands, wives, and dear friends. Diverse backgrounds come together under shared passions and the result is pure EDUmagic. As the saying goes, “Treat others as you would have them treat you.”

As you prepare for our CUE event, please assume goodwill and value in each of the attendees, staff members, Board Directors, exhibitors, and volunteers. Our Code of Conduct exists to set a tone of mutual respect, transparency, and unity.

CUE Code of Conduct

Do only that which helps you or your colleagues learn.

It is expected that all involved in CUE are professionals and will behave in a manner appropriate and should use their best judgment and common sense in refraining from disseminating information that is inappropriate or harmful. The above code shall be followed by all attendees, volunteers, members, exhibitors, speakers, sponsors and CUE staff at CUE events, whether occurring face to face or online. Further, CUE reserves the right to revoke current and future membership, attendance, volunteer duties, exhibition or speaker opportunities for those violating the above policy.

We look forward to your attendance and believe in the collective power of the group. We are always #bettertogether.


Corippo Named CUE’s Executive Director

Jon Corippo is CUE’s next Executive Director — leading the CUE Team into the next 40 years.

CUE is pleased to announce that Jon Corippo will be CUE’s next Executive Director, effective immediately. The CUE Board of Directors spent six months gathering stakeholder input and engaged in internal discussions to arrive at this unanimous decision.

Andrew Schwab, CUE Board President remarked, “The board is very excited for everything the CUE team has accomplished over the past six months under Jon’s leadership. He brings a wealth of experience in business, K-12 education, organizational leadership and innovation to the CUE team. We’re thrilled to have Jon as CUE’s Executive Director moving forward. ”

Over the past six months, the Corippo-led CUE team has made remarkable strides:

  • Modernizing CUE’s back-office systems (replacing 2005-era accounting and registration systems and introducing cashless sales for the CUE Gear store),
  • Upgrading and reimagining CUE’s social media presence (On.CUE.org, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram),
  • Supporting members and affiliates via revamped outreach efforts, producing the best Fall CUE Conference experience yet, and
  • Adding new and exciting elements to the upcoming Spring CUE Conference, which is on track to be a sold-out event.

A speaker, author, and innovator, #helpfulguy Jon Corippo is best known for being the creator and Chief Instigator of the CUE Rock Star Teacher Camps, a grassroots, teacher-led educational change platform that has grown from one camp to dozens over the last seven years. Jon is also an Apple Distinguished Educator,  a Google Certified Teacher, and a 2014 CUE Gold Disk Recipient.

As Jon likes to say, “I’m just a footsoldier in the war against ignorance. Working together, we can make a bright future for all children.”


Higher Ed Looks to Leverage OERs

In a recent LinkedIn post, Kris Costa, Dean of Career Technical Education at West Hills College Lemoore, shared the institution’s innovative approach to Open Educational Resources (OERs) in higher education. The extraordinary amount of money that students and community members have saved as a result of this creative approach to curriculum is impressive. College instructors are leveraging OERs and ditching textbooks, resulting in fewer expenses for learners and more affordable education.

If you’re interested in OERs and the open pedagogy associated with it, pay attention to the exciting growth happening at West Hills College Lemoore. Also, keep your eyes peeled for CUE’s new offering, CraftED, a professional approach to open pedagogy.

CUE-D Up with Sarah Thomas — Featuring Valerie Lewis

There’s Something About Valerie…

Valerie Lewis is dedicated to the transformation of learning through engaging and creative activities for ALL students. She founded AppleSeed Learning to offer learning through community-based cultural programs, partnerships with community leaders, innovative learning labs, and one of the newest projects to be born: The EdObstacle Course! She is the Director of Teacherpreneur chat on Voxer to encourage others (and herself) to delve deeper into one’s passion and merge it with sound business practices.

Valerie is respected amongst her peers as a motivator (of staff and students alike), and as a result, she has led the Special Education Department for a number of years. She is Remind’s Connected Educator’s Lead Teacher for SpEd teachers. She also consults the New Business and Development group of Cox Communications in Atlanta on educational initiatives. She has written blogs for companies like Piktochart and EdSurge concerning Professional Development and the integration of infographics within the classroom.

What’s exciting?

Seeing how many people are on board with trying new things What is Valerie “CUE-d Up” to do this year? “Maybe writing a book,” and figuring out ways to scale her grassroots initiatives, EdObstacles and #PasstheScopeEDU

What’s one tip Valerie has for viewers?

Go with your gut…be confident with that thing that you know moves and drives you. Don’t try to measure yourself against what others are doing.

Resources Mentioned

EdObstacles, an immersive learning adventure that combines K-12 academics with a physical obstacle course that adapts to students of all ages and grade levels. Teams advance through challenges across all major subject areas, collaborating on common goals while improving their social and physical stamina.

#PasstheScopeEDU: A growing community of connected educators who share the same passion for changing education. These scopers are committed to a monthly broadcast via Periscope that allows them to share a chosen topic or theme.

Erin Klein — The True Disruptor!!

erin klein

If you haven’t gotten to know the work of Erin Klein on social media or on her blog, Kleinspiration, consider this your personal invitation. Erin is a generous and creative educator who shares her ideas and innovation across the globe. In a recent post on DisruptorDaily.com, Erin receives a shout-out for her student-centered focus and spirit in educational technology. Her community recognizes her accomplishments with awards and accolades, and we are thrilled to bring her to the Spring CUE Conference this year as a Keynote Speaker!

KleinspirationCheck out how she (and other mega-influencers) disrupt and inspire on Twitter and beyond by reading this post. And reserve your seat for Spring CUE today!

Get to Know Don Wettrick – A Member Spotlight

don wettrick

There’s Something About Don…

Don Wettrick is the founder of StartEdUp, author of “Pure Genius: Building a Culture of Innovation and Taking 20% Time to the Next Level,” and Innovation Specialist at Noblesville High School, central IN. Don is known for his award-winning work as a middle school and high school teacher; educational and innovation consultant; and educational speaker. Check out his CUE-D Up Interview with Sarah Thomas! 

What’s exciting?

Student entrepreneurship

What is Don “CUE-d Up” to do this year?

Get more educators into the entrepreneurial mindset

What’s one tip Don has for viewers?

Allow your classroom to be filled and incentivized on risk.

Resources Mentioned

Twitch, a livestreaming platform

Your Thoughts?

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KQED Has Some Serious Love for CUE Members who Blog!



If you haven’t already seen this KQED post featuring the 20 best teachers who blog in 2017, then allow us to show you the way! We are so proud of many California educators and CUE influencers who made the list. It’s not easy to find the time and the right topic to blog about, and these educators have gifted our CUE community with their thoughts, reflections, and expertise.

Congrats to Alice Chen, Catlin Tucker, Jen Roberts, Vicki Davis, Cori Orlando, and many others who got called out in the best of ways!

Here’s to lots more sharing and blogging in 2018!

Creativity, Adobe EDU, and You!

cue spark

learn something new in 2018

Online learning has never been as accessible as it is in 2018. We are excited to share information with our CUE community about 20+ professional classes available for FREE. If you are looking to be more creative with your curriculum and leverage the power of high-quality and simple tools, then check out the Adobe Education Exchange!

With multiple opportunities to learn, play, and share, these courses are designed by educators for educators. Get started on your creative journey on your time and at your pace!

Visit bit.ly/freeforeducators today!

CUE’d Up with Sarah Thomas – Episode 2 Featuring Rafranz Davis

This week on

CUE-d Up

Rafranz Davis

There’s Something About Rafranz…

Rafranz Davis has dedicated her career to empowering students and teachers to share their voices throughout their communities and the world. She uses her platform across the edtech ecosystem to advocate for STEM and creative learning through making while simultaneously challenging communities through the lens of digital equity and diversity. Rafranz is a public school administrator for Lufkin ISD, a rural east Texas community, where she serves as its Executive Director of Professional and Digital Learning.

She is the 2017 winner of ISTE’s Outstanding Leadership Award and holds countless industry distinctions including: Google Innovator, Adobe Education Leader, TED innovative educator, Apple Distinguished Educator, Microsoft Innovative Education Expert and her proudest, Global Minecraft Mentor.

What’s exciting?

Schools providing opportunities for creativity to students

What is Rafranz “CUE-d Up” to do this year?

Work surrounding Invention Literacy

What’s one tip Rafranz has for viewers?

Do what scares you, and bring those experiences to your students.

Resources Mentioned

TED Talk by Jay Silver, Founder of Makey makey

Invention Literacy (for Students) by Colleen Graves

Invention Literacy Workshop Wrap-Up

Unity Gaming

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