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Fall #CUE 2017 Is Almost Here!

CUE hashtag

We are one week away, and we couldn’t be more excited about our annual Fall Conference. California has been through some rough times lately, and this conference allows us to come together as a greater community to support each other and celebrate true innovation. We have several fun Conference Perks that we are thrilled to catch you up on:

cue hashtag

Don’t be confused! The hashtag to follow before, during, and after the conference is simply #CUE. We want to make sure we keep communication as simple as possible and connect the learning between conferences as well.



amazing speakers

We will have a fabulous line-up of Keynote and Spotlight speakers, as well as many other CUE members who have put together exciting sessions to get your mind dialed into innovation, inspiration, and learning. Check out the Fall CUE Conference Sched and start building your conference experience.


FALL CUE ChampionshipGet your game on before and during the conference by playing the Fall CUE Conference Championship – powered by Alludo Learning. Check out several tasks that can be completed before you even arrive at American Canyon, and prepare to earn stickers and even enter your name into a Championship Drawing for 3 months of the Alludo Learning game platform, Alludo Learning SWAG, and a CUE Rock Star Camp Registration of your choice!


Bright Guest

Stay connected and updated on our new mobile engagement platform – powered by BrightGuest. Simply text the word CUE to 27000 and start receiving real-time updates and exclusive deals right on your phone!

(By participating, you consent to receive recurring text messages for the duration of the conference delivered via automated technology. Msg &data rates may apply. T&C/Privacy Policy: https://www.brtlnk.com/terms/230


We can’t wait to see you at American Canyon High School so soon. Don’t forget you can pick up your conference badge as early as 5:30pm on Thursday, October 26, and while you’re there you can check out this year’s Fall CUE Tips!  Stay tuned for more updates and get connected to your people today!

thank you

And of course, thank you to all the firefighters, first responders, and volunteers who helped make this event possible after the recent firestorms. We are all grateful for you!


A Pedagogy Worth Noting

cue spark

math mural - Raizel KellyCommon Core Math has rocked the world of educators, administrators, parents, and students, but Hollenbeck Middle School in Los Angeles has embraced student collaboration for the win! In this KPCC article, we get a chance to see the impact of culture shift when the teacher makes a conscious effort to let the students productively struggle together.

Instead of relying on teachers for step-by-step directions for solving each math problem, students rely more on their textbooks — and on each other — to learn concepts. -Kyle Stokes/KPCC

While we know this kind of change doesn’t happen overnight, the question we can all be asking ourselves is, “How can I prioritize student collaboration today in my classroom?”

Read the entire article here, and continue to spark your own curiosity!

Fall #CUE Spark Featuring @peerlessgreen

Fall CUE Presenter Shred

Fall CUE Presenter ShredDon’t miss Jody Green at the Fall CUE Conference: “CUE Rock Star BreakoutEDU Playground: A Design Thinking Experience” Friday, October 27, 10-11:30am.

If you’ve been waiting for your personal invitation to try BreakoutEDU, here it is! Jody’s endearing personality and passion for creativity and engagement in the classroom is hard to beat. Not only will you learn the ins and outs of playing BreakoutEDU, but you will also apply design thinking by creating a game of your own. Come get your hands dirty and unlock a world of learning!

Meet Jody and hear more about her session below in her digital shred. Wanna see more Fall CUE presenter shreds? Visit our Fall Conference Flipgrid!


Routines & Procedures for Teacher-Leaders — #cuechat

in case you missed it

in case you missed itOn Tuesday, September 19, the #cuechat community engaged in a lively Twitter chat focused on establishing routines and procedures at the beginning of the school year. The chat was powered by @ConnectedTL, a professional learning community dedicated to connecting teachers, educational leaders, and teacher-leaders. The conversation involved establishing and maintaining routines for both students and adult learners. 

Some great tips popped up throughout the hour-long chat. One thread that was particularly engaging circled the use of music to signal transitions and create time constraints to tasks and activities.

My favorite routine-setters are @MrVaudrey Music Cues #goldmine #cuechat #connectedtl — Cate Tolnai (@CateTolnai)

There was one posted question which especially got participants problem-solving and digging deep into their toolboxes. Check it out here!

question 4 cuechat

We’d love to read your response to this question. Feel free to post in the comments below!!

Feel free to join the #cuechat conversation on Twitter every Tuesday from 7-8pm PT. The #cuechat hashtag is a vibrant and exciting thread of communication throughout the week as well. Can’t wait to see you there!

Interested in seeing the entire conversation from the chat last night? Visit our curated #cuechat Storify!

Fall #CUE Spark Featuring @greggeilers & @lukelhib

CUE Spark

Don’t miss Gregg Eilers and Luke Hibbard at the Fall CUE Conference: “Chrome is the New Metal” Friday, October 27, at 3:30pm!

CUE Spark

This back-to-basics session offers newcomers to the Chrome browser a friendly entry point to cloud-based web browsing. Gregg’s calm and patient nature creates the right space for risk-taking, questioning, and exploring. Luke will keep you on your toes just when you thought you could take a deep breath! These two edtech coordinators at the Stanislaus County Office of Education are super fun to watch present together. You don’t have to be a hard core metal-head to get a ton of resources from this Fall Conference session.

Get a feel for Gregg and Luke, their session, and the Chrome browser in this digital shred below! Wanna see more Fall CUE presenter shreds? Visit our Fall Conference Flipgrid!

Fall #CUE Spark featuring @TheTechProfe & his ELD Strategies for All

CUE Spark

Don’t miss Martin’s presentation on “Tech Tesoros for ELL Instruction in the Modern Classroom” at Fall CUE!


Martin Cisneros is one of the most endearing and intriguing presenters of ELL instruction throughout the state. He invites all participants to think like an English Language Learner and consider the power of true differentiation. Martin’s methods of personalization for all learners will leave you feeling empowered and inspired.

Check out his Session Shred below, and while you’re there see what some other presenters have in store for you at Fall CUE! And register for the Fall CUE Conference today – October 27-28, 2017 at American Canyon High School! 

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