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Human-Computer Interaction

Photo stack of past memories

What is Speak Memory? This was an essential question I recently posed to my Exploring Computer Science class. Students were finishing up on the unit about human-computer interactions. In this unit, we explored topics such as who has access to your digital data, who should own it, who should be able to share it, and what do you think about companies such as Google tracking your data.

Using Edpuzzle I shared with the class the Speak Memory episode from the Endless Thread podcast. Students shared with me after completing this activity they came away with new perspectives on the topics we discussed in class. I felt that this episode highlighted the essence of human-computer interaction. The podcast reflects on a touching story of how data from voice assistants such as Ok Google, Hey Siri, and Alexa can also be used for cherishing memories from those we have lost.

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TNT EdTech Podcast: Make Learning Magical

Episode 17 TNT EdTech Podcast

TNT EdTech Podcast – we are now powered by CUE!

In Episode 17 of TNT EdTech Podcast, we interview Tisha Richmond who is a Tech Integration Specialist, Culinary Teacher, National Speaker, Author of Make Learning Magical, and a Joy Specialist! Tisha shares with us her insights on developing real experiences across state lines and online using social media platforms, uplifting relationships, balancing health and wellness, conversation on Schoology vs Google Classroom, Twitter shoutouts and educator influencers to follow.

Follow Tisha at @tishrich and her website at www.tisharichmond.com.

You can buy Tisha’s book Make Learning Magical on Amazon.

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16 Podcasts for the Classroom

Headphones for listening to podcasts

Developing two podcasts this year for educators with TNT EdTech Podcast with my buddy Scott Nunes and The Ed Tech Coach’s Corner sharing educator stories of integrating technology in their classroom, I started to think about having students create their podcasts as a way to reflect and show understanding. As I ventured into this area I started to think about why did I start getting into podcasting and realized I was first and foremost a fan of listening to podcasts and felt empowered that anyone can have their voice heard and share ideas with a global community.

I think it is a good idea to expose students to podcasts by fusing them into our subject and grade-level curriculum as a first step before having students create them.

ISTE Standards for listening to podcasts in the classroom:
For Educators: Designer – Use technology to create, adapt and personalize learning experiences that foster independent learning and accommodate learner differences and needs

For Students: Knowledge Constructor – Students build knowledge by actively exploring real-world issues and problems, developing ideas and theories and pursuing answers and solutions

Common Sense Education has compiled a fresh list of 16 free podcasts to add to your lessons in the classroom for students to start to experience the art of listening to podcasts.

The list of K-12 classroom friendly podcasts for students can be found on the Common Sense Education website. This set features popular favorites including:

ISTE Standards for Educators and Students

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TNT EdTech Podcast: EduProtocols 2 with Marlena Hebern

Episode 13 TNT EdTech Podcast

TNT EdTech Podcast – we are now powered by CUE!

In Episode 13 with Scott the Teacher and Matthew the Tech Coach, we interview Co-Author of EduProtocols Book – Marlena Hebern! Marlena shares with us several new and remixed lesson frames from her upcoming book EduProtocols 2 coming out this Friday, August 23rd on Amazon.

In this episode we talk about:
• New Smart Start back to school schedule located at https://www.eduprotocols.com/smart-start
• Learn about the EduProtocol lesson frames including Sketch and Tell, Number Mania, Hero’s Journey, Worst Preso Ever, Iron Chef, Frayer a Friend, Cyber Sandwich, Math Reps, and Bookakucha
• Find out what EduProtocols to start within your classroom
• Discover what frameworks are best, to begin with, if you are facilitating a teacher PD on EduProtocols

Follow Marlena at @mhebern, @eduprotocols, and check out the website www.eduprotocols.com.

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Modern Figures Podcast

Modern Figures Podcast Logo

Understanding computer science and its place in the modern world, humanity, culture, addressing institutional bias, and striving towards both equality and equity to truly make CS for All! This was what I learned from attending the Summer of CS by the Sacramento Office of Education and CSTA (Computer Science Teachers Association) week-long professional development on the free Exploring Computer Science curriculum. Throughout the week I began to understand that we can teach computer science in a more meaningful way than I previously thought about it.

Modern Figures Podcast is elevating the voices of Black women in computing.

During the week my colleagues shared resources and recommended podcasts to continue our pursuit of CS for All. In this vision was recommended The Modern Figures Podcast that is elevating the voices of Black women in computing. The Modern Figures Podcast is a production of The Institute for African-American Mentoring in Computing Sciences (iAAMCS) in collaboration with the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT). The show’s episodes feature Black women in computing who share their stories and perspectives on technical, societal, and personal topics. The podcast is a great addition to any computer science class and geared towards teachers, high school and college students alike.


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Episode 9: Mmm Mmm EdTech Goodness

The TNT Edtech Podcast shares out that it is now powered by CUE for the next 6 months! Matthew discusses Gim Kit and Scott discussion Gamification, PBL, and his end of the year project. Mentions Michael Matera, Glenn Irvin, Chris Aviles, and Jonathan Spike; #xplap #games4ed #gamification #PBL

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