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Spotlighting Innovation Celebration

In this week’s episode, TOSAs Talking Tech highlight some great sessions at the upcoming SGVCUE Innovation Celebration. First is @judyblakeney and @drtriciahyun presenting “Leaps of Strengths” a focus on a Strengths-Based learning approach. They highlight the use of Thrively and how they get the most from their students strengths in class.

Next is @WonderTechEdu and her presentation “Hit a Home Run on Google Slides.” She will present on project ideas, designing mindmaps, practicing online conversations, and more!

Also, we will have @simonometry and @edtechamatics presenting on “Podcasting: Everyone can do it!” They will speak on how podcasting can be easy and fun, and they will go over tools and tips to get your own podcast started.

Lastly, we featured @bensonk49 and his presentation titled “Get your OneNote on!” This session will gov oer the many use and tips and tricks for using OneNote in the classroom.

Also, Tom and Mike talk to David Platt, president of @SGVCUE and talk more about innovation celebration, upcoming SGVCUE events, and how to sign up for Innovation Celebration. Remember, SGVCUE Innovation Celebration is October 27, 2018 at Bassett High School in La Puente California. Click the link for more info!

OneNote Tips and Tricks, and Leading Edge Certification

In this episode, Michael and Tom discuss their experience with Leading Edge Certification, sharing about the Professional Learning Leader Course.  They also share the other of trainings available through Leading Edge. Next, they share some tips and tricks from OneNote that come fresh from their trainings on their district’s Digital Learning Initiative. Lastly, they speak a bit on the construction happening in their office, and the process of deconstruction and building that is birthing a whole new learning space!

As they say in the closing, they have fun making these podcasts, and they hope you have fun listening. Show some support by leaving a rating on iTunes, or drop them a line and give them feedback directly!


Fun with Friends and Flipgrid!

In this episode of TOSAs Talking Tech, Mike and Tom interview the wonderful and amazing Ann Kozma. We catch up with her on all kinds of summer travelling, and her new transition from FullertonUSD to Flipgrid Educator Innovation Team. It is always fun catching up with Ann. Her enthusiasm and excitement are infectious, and her passion for student voice makes her a perfect fit over at Flipgrid! So sit back and listen up, we hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed visiting with Ann and making it happen!

The Boys are Back!

The Rumor is True! TOSAs Talking Tech is back from Summer Hiatus!

Boy, have we missed you! We are really excited for what this new year brings, and right off the bat we are talking new things!  BUSD DLI, updates to so many tech tools over the summer like Quizizz, Code.org, Google Classroom, Tynker, and Common Sense Media. We are so excited to be getting into the school-year groove and getting energized for some upcoming events!

We also talk about the missing dogbone, and our summer adventures!

And as always, we have an update on what’s New with CUE, and Learning Opportunities that are coming up in so many affiliates!

Inundated by Privacy Policies?

Has your inbox been inundated with privacy policies and statements of disclosure for the software or websites you use?  If so, you are not alone.  Recent changes to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has triggered a flood of companies to make sure they are in compliance with these new European Union regulations.  Nitasha Tiku from Wired Magazine wrote an article entitled Why Your Inbox is Crammed Full of Privacy Policies.  In the article, she goes in-depth into why we are all receiving these email notifications and what they all mean.

In the past, all software would usually be approved by your Information Technology (IT) department, who would make sure the installed software complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  Michele Molnar, an associate editor for EdWeek Market Brief, recently wrote an article called Most Ed-Tech Products Don’t Meet Minimum Criteria in Their Privacy Policies, Report Finds . The article highlights the efforts by CommonSense.org, best known for the digital citizenship curriculum, to help address this issue.

Flipping a Classroom Without Videos

The first thing that comes to many educators minds when they think about flipping their classroom is assigning videos for students to consume online of a lesson that could have been delivered in class.  The idea being that the lesson delivery is done outside of the classroom freeing up time for other activities in class.  Upon returning to the classroom, students practice concepts from said video lessons with the guidance of their teacher.

Lorena Barba, an associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at George Washington University would argue that we are simply having students memorizing information instead of diving deep and creating active learners with these videos.  Sydney Johnson assistant editor for @HigherEdSurge recently interviewed Associate Professor Barba to find out how she flips even her STEM type courses without the use of videos.  To find how this is accomplished, head over to A Case For Flipping Learning—Without Videos


EduProtocols, CUE News and More, Oh My!

In the latest edition of TOSAs Talking Tech podcast, we talk to CUE Executive Director Jon Corippo about his new book EduProtocol Field Guide. He discusses some of the thought processes behind the book, some great ways to use the protocols, how to protocol smash with some other edtech tools, and some great ideas for getting started today with some new and easy to implement EduProtocols.

We also get some awesome CUE news, and some great chat about how to polish-up your edtech and teaching game! Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy!

AV/VR in the Classroom, on a Budget

Augmented and virtual reality is beginning to make its way into movies, gaming and many genres within education.  Educators have been finding ways to enhance lessons with virtual solar systems that allow students to explore the entire Milky Way within their hands to reimage spaces using #DesignThinking without the need to alter that space.

Major technology companies have also been investing in AR/VR recently including @googlearvr that allows students to immersive themselves into amazing new worlds of their own creations.  Students can now immerse themselves in locations we as educators could only offer in a 2-dimensional video format.  To see some of these examples, head over to #GoogleExpeditions and see what others or doing in their classrooms.

So with limited technology budgets and space in the classroom down to a premium, what is today’s innovative educator to do?  Jamie Donally recently wrote an article for eSchool News titled 5 Easy, Low-cost Ways to do AR & VR in your Classroom.

Starting with the “Who” to Reach Tech Resistant Educators

We have all had a colleague or staff member that is hesitant to any type of technology in their classroom.  Creating technology equity among our classrooms can be a daunting task. Not just technology for technology sake but the true benefits of enhancing lessons to reach the limitless possibilities of the 4 Cs (collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication) that technology can bring.  So how do we as technology or site leaders ensure that all members of a school can thrive and enjoy integrating technology with their students?

Katherine Goyette and Adam Juarez address this very issue in the current edition of ACSA, Association of California School Administrators.  In their article, “Break Down the Walls: Connecting With Tech Resistant Teachers” they explain how in some cases starting with the why is just not enough if these educators do not share the same vision of enhancing lessons with technology.  Sometimes you must connect with the educator first, the who, to find commonality to your vision.

Celebrating with a Cheer and Year in Review

On the latest podcast, we discuss Bassett Unified’s “Cheers to 2017-18” event, where we were able to spotlight 5 different district programs we implemented this year: coding, a makerspace, 3D Modeling and design, Green-screening, and podcasting! We also got two school board members to come on the show for Manic Minute!

Also, we do a bit of reflecting on the year, highlighting programs, successes, and some hopes for next year! This will be our last weekly podcast for the 2017/2018 school year, and we will go to bimonthly releases for the duration of the summer. Thanks for making this an awesome year, and we look forward to serving you again next year.