Award Nominations

CUE Awards have long been a powerful way to recognize members who go above and beyond.

This year, the CUE staff, Awards Committee, and Affiliate Boards are working closer than ever

to shine a light on influencers throughout the states of California and Nevada.

Celebrate hard work and lifelong learning

All educators understand the value of time. Let’s bring attention to the hard work around us.

Share inspiring stories

You never know which story might inspire the next child to become a teacher.

Amplify the voices of committed members

Best practices, tips and tricks, lessons learned… we can all benefit from hearing from the masters!

Countdown for Initial CUE Award Shoutouts










Nominations begin with friends. Celebrate educators you know!


You have unlimited shoutouts!

Give shoutouts to ANY affiliate members – you aren’t limited to your own local folks!

đź’–Give ALL your friends some love.đź’–

twoNames are passed on to the corresponding CUE affiliate for discussion & review.

threeEach CUE affiliate selects their top candidates from crowd-sourced shout-outs.

The educators selected by affiliates are contacted to provide additional details.

Affiliates submit their top nominee in each area to the CUE Board & Awards Committee for final selection.

The CUE Awards Team is thrilled to add a crowd-sourcing aspect to award nominations this year. We think it’s a great way to include as many CUE members in the recognition process as possible. The updated process also means an easier lift for volunteers on the CUE Affiliate boards. Jon Corippo, Executive Director, CUE

And just because you deserve it…

CUE will send individuals who received shoutouts a collection of all the great comments about them. 

We know this is a new process, and we’re ready to answer any questions that come up! Reach out to us anytime!!


A Look Back at the CUE Award Winners from 2017-2018

Kirstin Greig

Emerging teacher of the year, 2018

Kyle Brumbaugh

technology leader of the year, 2018

Michael Meneghetti

Outstanding teacher of the year, 2018

Riley Johnson

site leader of the year, 2018

Lisha Brunache

Blended and ONline teacher of the year, 2018

Brian Briggs, Lisa Highfill, Jason Seliskar, Ray Chavez, & Mike Vollmert

Gold Disk Winners, 2018

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