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Written by CUE Professional Learning Specialist Juli Kimbley @julikimbley

Fresno Pacific University’s Center for Professional Development has partnered with CUE to provide participants the opportunity to complete 18 online units of engaging and interactive instruction to get an Innovative Educator Certificate. There are various CUE professional learning workshops that are led by highly qualified Lead Learners. At less than $200 per unit, you can get a high-quality program that will help towards an increased pay scale and potential promotions.

Topics Covered:

There are several topics that will be covered including: Innovative Pedagogies focused on cutting-edge technology; Google and YouTube brought to you by Google Certified Teachers and YouTube Star Teachers; and Mobile Technologies will cover both iPad and Android devices. You will also receive your Leading Edge Certification for the Online and Blended Teacher as well as create an Innovative Educators project to showcase your skills.

Three additional elective courses are also included and picked according to what you want and need to learn. These courses include courses like differentiating with technology, Moodle, Project-Based Learning, strategies, Twitter, flipped learning and data-driven decision-making. There will be something for everyone!

Think About It…

Teaching today is an exciting time with all the innovative ideas and changes in pedagogy. Being ready for Common Core gives participants of this six-month program the edge over other educators. The strategies learned during this course of study will build your innovative skills and enhance your resume. It will give you the confidence you need to begin sharing your knowledge and experience with others at events. It will even provide a certification letter to your principal or superintendent that states your proficiency in implementing innovative pedagogies in your classroom.


The cohort is limited in size to ensure individualized instruction that will fit your current situation. With such a small cohort, you have the opportunity to network and build professional relationships that will help develop your career. Many past participants still keep in contact with their cohort and have become friends with those in other cohorts, seeking them out at conferences and leaning on them for advice.

Attentive staff devoted to participant needs makes this a tailor-made program. There are workshops with qualified Lead Learners that are Google Certified Teachers, Rock Star facility, and/or Apple Distinguished Educators.



photo (2)Lisa Nowakowski states, “Enrolling in IEC was just the jumpstart I needed as an educator. I had always incorporated technology into my classroom but needed some fresh, innovative ideas. IEC not only provided inspiration, it also helped me become a connected educator. Before, I didn’t realize the impact social media could have on my classroom. Now it is the best PLN…We are like a small family. We seek each other out at conferences and events. I really can’t say enough good about the program.”

Bonus: nine graduate-rigor units articulate into the online Fresno Pacific’s Master’s of Education, Curriculum and Instruction.

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Juli Kimbley is a Professional Learning Program Specialist for CUE after spending several years service for CVCUE (Central Valley CUE). She is passionate about learning and works to maintain relevance in the classroom by teaching a rock star style math class in Fresno.

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