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Dear #WeAreCUE,

As a 17 year educator, I have had the advantage of working in vulnerable and privileged environments, urban and rural communities, and district and county levels. How lucky I have been to bring that awareness and perspective to CUE just two years ago along with the amazing CUE team members. 

With open arms, the CUE community welcomed my passion, my zest for celebration and sparkle, and my core values of excellent professional learning for all educators. I have grown both as an educator and a person during these last two years, and they have prepared me for an exciting new professional chapter. 

As of August 1, 2019, I will be spreading my wings and starting a new journey as an EDUpreneur (AKA I’m creating a new professional pathway). My passion for online & blended learning, digital badges & competency-based learning, game-based learning & gamification, and strategic thinking will come together in some beautiful way that will redefine my role in the greater conversation of California education. I am honored to have served the CUE community as the Director of Member Engagement for these two years, and I fully intend to stay connected to the amazing people I have met as a CUE volunteer and staff member for the past five years. 

As I transition into a new professional chapter, I hope to share my perspectives and gifts with the right teams as a contractor, and I look forward to working with many of you in a variety of capacities. 

With all my heart, 

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Cate Tolnai

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  • Ohhhhhh…. you WILL be missed!!! Congrats on an exciting new adventure though–proud of you.
    Thank you for all you have done!!!

    Best regards, albeit with a heavy heart.

  • Congrats on your new journey! I will miss you my friend at CUE conference planning committee meetings and and at CUE events but I trust you will be around in your new capacity

  • Thanks for all the positivity around my announcement. I couldn’t ask for any more support and well wishes! Can’t wait to share new projects and help build new connections with the amazing #WeAreCUE community!!!

  • Congrats Cate! 🎉 You’ll be missed. I can speak from the CUE SF Affiliate that we felt a tremendous increase in support and engagement woth us and that has been great! Best Wishes! I’m sure I’ll see you around! 😊

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