Blogging has been around 20 years and CUE is just launching a blog?

Mike Lawrence

By Mike Lawrence – CUE Executive Director

When CUE launched our new blog last month, the question arose, “Blogging has been around close to 20 years and CUE is just now launching a blog?” The answer is…“yes!”.

While CUE has a reputation for being on the leading edge and an early adopter of innovative tools, in this case, we have taken the time to let blogging evolve before leaping into the blogosphere. Like many of you in educational settings, we must also use the right tool for the job, at the right time. Just as you seek the appropriate use of technology to serve your curricular goals, CUE seeks to use the right tools to best serve its mission.

As we’ve watched blogging mature into the dominant social medium that it is today; and its connection to social media solidify,  we’ve seen increasingly effective use of blogs to advance the impact of associations, nonprofits, business and other important efforts around the world.

So what will this blog do? In launching the CUE blog (that’s what we’re calling it for now – we’ll see if the merry CUE punsters come up with a wittier “CUEish” name), our goal is to stimulate innovative, insightful and enlightening topics that are written and produced by CUE members, educational thought leaders and lead learners from across the broad spectrum of education technology.

Notice that the blog is open to the world – it’s not a ‘members-only’ benefit. We feel that the work our remarkable members and friends are doing is important to share, extending the promise and potential of educational innovation to all vs. limiting it to CUE members.
That said, (plug for CUE coming) I’d strongly recommend heading over to cue.org/join and make sure your membership is up to date to start enjoying all the benefits.

You’ll see posts from celebrated CUE speakers, keynotes, lead learners, and OnCUE contributors, interspersed with videos from the CUE Communications Committee and the seriously kooky folks that produce the Infinite Thinking Machine.

Our blog in a nutshell…

  • We hope our blog grows to be a one-stop collection of all the best that CUE and its community produces
  • We intend to challenge preconceived notions about how technology can enhance student achievement and help you discover new resources and more effectively use what you already have
  • We will address major shifts in educational policy and assist you in navigating the challenges we all face as we move education forward

Want to help contribute? Email us with an idea for a post you’d like to see included or write or produce one to share.

We’ll do our best to accommodate all requests, but there are only so many pixels we can push here at HQ (or “H-CUE” as we’ve taken to calling it around here lately). So send us your best thinking, and thanks for reading!

– Mike

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