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Common Core Standards

CUE Supported Legislation Approved by Gov Brown

CUE Advocacy Update Assembly Bill 2329, Computer Science Plan by Assemblywoman Bonilla was signed by Governor Brown September 27th, 2016. This bill was actively supported by CUE as well as most of the education associations potentially part of the Coalition mentioned in this article. The bill requires State Superintendent Torlakson to convene an advisory panel to […] Read More

Do We Still Need Standardized Tests? A Bold New Approach

-- Special Guest Editorial to the CUE Blog -- Over the past several years, there has been an ever-increasing uproar about the over-testing of our children, especially the big standardized tests imposed by the No Child Left Behind Law. These tests stressed out teachers and students while undermining our children’s opportunities to learn for several […] Read More

Student Learners become Leaders of Learning – a LeRoy Finkel Fellowship Follow-up

[Ed. Note- Katherine Goyette was one of the finalists of the LeRoy Finkel Fellowship Program at this year’s CUE 2016 National Conference. This will be the first in an on-going series checking in with LeRoy’s Big Idea winners. Applications for next year's LeRoy Finkel Fellowship will open in September.] #TigerTechTeam is a student led technology club, affecting […] Read More

CUE Presents LeRoy’s Big Idea 2016 Finalists

On what would have been Mark Twain's 180th birthday, CUE launched a search for similarly brilliant representatives of educational innovation to embody the creative spirit of CUE's original irascible author and columnist, LeRoy Finkel. The Fellowship was set up in his name over 20 years ago to "promote leadership in the field of educational technology." […] Read More

How Can We Best Support Our Teachers Implementing California Standards?

Part 2 of 4 in a series By CUE guest blog editor Jane Lofton - Mark Archon The arrival of the new California Standards has truly transformed the landscape of education in California as schools make substantial changes to create learning environments and lessons which foster student collaboration, require critical thinking and develop self-direction. Technology and digital literacy skills play ever-increasing roles […] Read More

An Information Literacy Credential for California (finally!)

by CUE Member and Library Media Educator Network Co-Chair Glen Warren An Academic Challenge in California Over the course of the last 30 years, the number of teacher librarians (TLs) per student has diminished radically. California has been last in the nation in the ratio of TLs to students for many years, but the economic downturn […] Read More

Library of Congress: The Power of Many Primary Sources

Written by CUE Member and Guest Blogger Esther Kligman-Frey History and LOC statistics                                         The Library of Congress (LOC) is the largest library in the world with millions of books, recordings, photographs, maps and manuscripts in […] Read More

Using Creation Apps to Tackle Common Core

By CUE Member and Guest Blogger Kristy Andre @kristyandre2 There seems to be a shudder when we mention the words "Common Core," yet this is where we are going in education. Common Core often gets paired with iPads, which can lead to additional confusion for teachers. The misconception is that if we have an iPad, […] Read More

Summertime – The Learning (Living) is Easy

Written by CUE Board Member Jason Borgen @jborgen It’s summer; an educators' most relaxing time of the year, right? Whether you are a teacher on summer break, teaching summer school or an administrator, summertime tends to lend itself to more time to get things done. The day is longer right? I know my calendar has some […] Read More

Innovation and Excitement – Plan Your Summer

Written By CUE Program Specialist Danielle Forst @danielleforst Looking for relevant and innovative  this summer? The CUE Professional Learning team has you covered. We have put together several professional learning events for educators to add to or expand upon current practices. Check out CUE'S SUMMER AT THE KRAUSE CENTER FOR INNOVATION (KCI) for a variety […] Read More