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The World’s Music in My Classroom- A Rock Like a Teacher Series Post

“I was born by the river in a little tent Ohh and just like the river I've been running ev'r since It's been a long time, a long time coming But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will” -Sam Cooke If you were a student in my classroom, there is no way […] Read More

Encourage Students to Tell Their Stories On Film

A good film has the power to change us. Films reflect our fast changing world- socially, culturally, and globally. They inspire, provoke, inform, educate, and create an emotional connection to the subject matter. “Movies strike us in intensely personal ways,” wrote film critic Roger Ebert, “good ones get inside our skins.” Students today are growing […] Read More

4 Ways I Don’t Teach the Tech

The technology teacher doesn’t teach the tech tools? Yes and no. My goal is that my students leave my class at the end of the year knowing how to communicate, collaborate, critically think, and be creative. Of course we use technology to do that, but because I want students to learn the 4 Cs, those […] Read More

EdTech and Screen Time are Awkward Friends

I work in a 1-to-1 school. Every student and teacher has a device used for accessing resources, carrying out learning activities, and communicating and collaborating for academic purposes. My title is Digital Learning Specialist, so I love the tech. But I'm also a mom, so I understand worries about distraction and detachment. When our entire […] Read More

Selling My Principal on YouTube

I'd been at my new district a week when I sent IT an email requesting my YouTube channel be unlocked. Not YouTube the site, which was open, but the ability to sign in and use my channel. That was closed. I needed it open. One week in. Brand new to the school and the district. "Hi, […] Read More

Digital Temporary Tattoo

As the world changes and each individual’s digital footprint gets bigger and deeper, society is going to have to change and adapt. No longer will the foolishness of youth be washed away by the waves of time. Now every thought that you’ve ever had can live on, maintained in servers and clouds, crouched, waiting to […] Read More

Digital Innovation in Learning Nominations Needed

The Digital Innovation in Learning Awards (DILAs) are back for their second year and are looking for educators, administrators, and edtech organizations who are doing work that should be recognized and rewarded. Are they sharing their best practices? Reimagining learning spaces? Incorporating user feedback? These awards are designed to not only spotlight those efforts, but […] Read More

Getting ON[the]LINE With the Best Tech Policies, Resources and News in One Place

Written by CUE Member Elizabeth Calhoon @ecalhoon One of the greatest struggles that school boards, administrators and educators have is the ability to find high-quality resources to create technology policies that make sense today. There is no doubt that we have many rich resources throughout California and beyond from which to pull when asking questions about […] Read More

Digital Citizenship Resources for All

Written by CUE Member and Guest Blogger Stephen Politzer  @swpolitzer Digital Citizenship… While we usually hear about promoting appropriate online behavior and protecting against cyber-bullying, many topics can be thrown together under the Digital Citizenship catch-all umbrella. CUE Education Partner, Common Sense Media (see below) identifies eight areas that are all important: Internet Safety Privacy […] Read More

Making Common Sense Media Common Practice in Our Classrooms

Written by CUE Member Dave Childers @davechilders "We can’t cover their eyes, but we can teach them to see." Common Sense Media That is only one sentence among the many that constitute the “10 Beliefs” of Common Sense Media, but it is the sentence that resonates most loudly for me - As a parent. As […] Read More