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Google Certified Teacher

Top Eight Reasons To Become Certifiably Innovative with #CUEIEC

What is IEC, you say? CUE, along with Fresno Pacific University, has put together an amazing six month online Innovative Educator Certificate (IEC) program devoted to meeting your educational technology needs. Many schools have invested in various tech tools including tablets and laptops. This influx of technology has left many teachers with the desire to learn more about […] Read More

Community: A New Google Teacher Academy Graduates

Written by CUE Member Kate Petty and the GTAATX Graduates When one is first offered a place at one of the Google Teacher Academies around the world, what to expect is usually shrouded in mystery. Between the excitement of being selected, getting to visit a real Google office, and leaving work behind for a couple […] Read More

Google Teacher Academy Welcomes New Members

Written and Edited by CUE Blog Editor Kate Petty with Special Consultants #GTAATL Google Teacher Academy Overview Last week the Google Teacher Academy, in partnership with CUE, welcomed its newest members from the 2014 Atlanta cohort (#GTAATL). For these teachers, administrators, and educational coaches, it was more than another PD session, it was the opportunity […] Read More

How Awesome Is the Google Teacher Academy?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Google just announced an unprecedented number of Google Teacher Academies during 2014 and have reached out to CUE to assist, as we have done since the inception of the program in 2006. Applications will open soon. By CUE Member David Theriault The number one question everyone asked me when I got back to […] Read More

Twitter is a Teacher Superpower! Part 3 of Our Series About PLNs

By CUE guest blogger Jo-Ann Fox Twitter has become a powerful place for educators to collaborate and to build a strong Personal Learning Network (PLN). Social media has redefined how teachers connect and collaborate with each other. At one time collaboration meant meeting with your grade level teams once a month within your own school. […] Read More

To Blog or Not To Blog Is No Longer a Question: Part 2

By CUE Member and guest blogger Jennifer Wagner As many of us begin our new school year, our plates are already full- piled high with things we already know we can't get done: new students to get to know, new standards (for many), perhaps a new principal, a new grade, or even a new campus. […] Read More

What’s a Personal Learning Network (PLN)? It’s a Superhero Team Chosen by YOU

Everyone knows there’s the J.L.A. (Justice League of America) and lately you’ve probably heard of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division), but the most important superhero organization that you can belong to is a P.L.N. or Personal Learning Network. A PLN can be the difference between having super sight and losing your sight. […] Read More