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Jon, Jon, and Nate 2

A Bad Case of the “Jons”

“It’s your grade!” I barked at Sammy in a voice just shy of a yell. If I had said it any louder, I wouldn’t be able to justify to myself that I wasn’t shouting, though all of my students...

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Lesson Design: Never a Solitary Adventure

As a brand-new teacher, I spent a lot of time abiding by unwritten rules. It was not that anyone had informed me to follow these. After all, they were unwritten, and yet so much of my time...

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Connecting Women and STEM

I saw Ayah Bdeir speak at SXSWedu in March, and I’m still not over it. Her insights and contributions to the future of STEM as the founder and CEO of LittleBits cannot be understated.  A...

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