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ITM-Infinite Thinking Machine

STOP… NOMINATE… and Listen (or Watch)

Written by CUE Member (and Vanilla Ice fan, apparently) Mark Hammons @mhammons The ITM is 'Kickin' it' with a brand new season! That’s right folks… the show you’ve come to know and love is back for a whole new season! Season 4 of the Infinite Thinking Machine launched this past summer with great acclaim! After a […] Read More

The ITM Rocks the Summer at ISTE and Into Season Four!

Written by CUE Member Mark Hammons @mhammons ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?!?!?!?! Things are continuing to rock and roll over at CUE's ITM Show (Infinite Thinking Machine Show). Season three wrapped up with a paperless classroom encore. The ITM Live! Tour captured some inspiring moments from the Annual CUE Conference from Dan Meyer, Hall Davidson and LeVar […] Read More