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Thank you CUE

Thank You, Mrs. Shaw

We all love to be recognized for the impact we have on learning, whether it’s students in our classrooms or adults in a professional development setting. Here at CUE, we are no different...


Coaching is not just for the New Teacher

The traditional model of coaching in education has always focused on supporting new teachers. This assumes, of course, that the rest of us who have been in the classroom for years are not...

sheet music with computer mouse

Let All the Children Boogie

(Apologies to David Bowie) One way to move up the SAMR ladder is to have students create multimedia projects. Did you know there are lots of places where you can easily find free music and...

Two Signs with Choice pointed in opposite directions

Choosing Little Changes

You’ve seen the blog posts. You’ve read the Tweets. Heck, you may have even read the research. Well, what are you doing about it? Choice in the classroom matters. Are you finding ways to...