CoffeeEDU + CoffeeCUE at Spring CUE 2018

If you are coming to Spring CUE and you enjoy “talking shop,” make sure to stop by the CoffeeEDU hosted by Alice Keeler, poolside at the Renaissance. Get up early for awesome, unstructured conversation with like-minded educators. Educators who are motivated show up at 7am are worth knowing! (Take a look at #CoffeeEDU on Twitter

Get up early for some awesome, unstructured conversation with like-minded educators.

CoffeeEDU is based on the EdCamp model of an event that is participant-driven. However, unlike a full-day event, CoffeeEDU is exactly one hour; to the minute. The topic is not selected in advance and all educators are welcome. The CoffeeEDU concept is Alice’s Google Certified Innovator project and was originally known as CoffeeCUE. Alice says, “It feels awesome to bring this project back to where it started: CUE.”

CoffeeEDU is not restricted to CUE or even conference events. Alice usually only does early mornings at large events. Normally she would choose something like 4pm on a Friday. ANYONE can put on a CoffeeEDU. Anytime, anywhere – that’s the flexibility of a CoffeeEDU. When educators self-select the topic, it is always a good conversation. The details of CoffeeEDU are easy:

Pick a time, date, and location that works for you.

Invite some friends.

Talk about your needs, goals and dreams for your classroom.

Keep it to exactly one hour and you have a CoffeeEDU!

NewsELA is excited to sponsor free coffee for a bunch of educators, so get there early! Join Alice at the Friday 7AM CoffeeEDU, and there’s more free coffee and conversations at the CoffeeCUE on Saturday at 8AM, where you can also meet the CUE Board Candidates and coffee will be supplied to the first 100 educators – powered by the University of San Diego.

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