Creative Apps for the Common Core and 4 Cs: Part 2

By CUE Member Jo-Ann Fox @AppEducationFox

As a teacher using apps in the classroom, you need to ask yourself, what do you want your students to gain from their experience with their mobile device? Do you want your students to primarily be using their device to consume content? Or do you want your students to spend their time on their device creating content?

If you really want to maximize your students’ experience, teach your students about the many ways they can use their iPad as a creation tool. You may have to get your district to spend some money to get some really great apps, but what your students will gain from their time with their iPad is far more beneficial than becoming a consuming zombie. So let’s get our students creating, collaborating, communicating, and thinking critically about their learning.

Here is my “one screen” of creative apps which I think are fabulous examples of how students can use their iPads to create, collaborate, communicate, and to think critically.

Great Apps for Creating:

Great Apps for Collaborating:

Great Apps for Communicating:

Great Apps for Critical Thinking:

  • All of those listed above, given you have created a project/problem based learning environment with a driving question that leads to critical thinking.

Here is an example of how my students use creative apps to innovate with learning about California missions:

The apps I have listed above utilize all 4 Cs to create an innovative and fun learning environment for your students. Be sure your students have a place to showcase and share their work with others. Perhaps your district has a learning management system or your students have their own blog to share their work with the world. You don’t want to let their projects just sit on their iPads… they need to share their work with an authentic audience.

Please share other creative apps you and your students use in the comments so we can all learn and collaborate with each other.

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Jo-Ann Fox

Jo-Ann Fox is a 4th grade teacher in Escondido, CA who strives to seamlessly innovate with technology in her classroom. She is a Google Certified Teacher and was a semi-finalist for 2012 California Teacher of the Year. Jo-Ann is a co-founder and co-moderator of California Edchat and a co-planner for Edcamp San Diego. You can follower her on Twitter@AppEducationFox or visit her blog at AppEducation.com.

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  • I teach a middle school art elective. We recently had fun playing/creating on the Hopscotch app. We also did some traditional drawing lessons on Autodesk’s Sketchbook.

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