Inspire Change: CUE Board Nominations Closing Soon

By Former CUE Board Member Kurt Larsen

Kennedy Inaugural Address

Kennedy Inaugural Address

Recently we observed the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and if you are like me, you’ve heard time and time again Kennedy’s words, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” But did you realize they weren’t the President’s words first? As reported by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Kennedy first heard these words from George St. John, his headmaster at Choate School in Connecticut.

The phrases expressed by St. John and Kennedy were slightly different, but the meaning was essentially the same and is why I bring the subject up. The words cause us to reflect and question what we can do to lead and make things better? And it’s a perfect opportunity at this time when we look for nominations for the Board of Directors of CUE to use them in context of service to our organization. It seems cliché to restate the phrase with CUE in it and so I won’t, but I do ask you to reflect on the premise. What can you do for CUE?

A little over seven years ago I did reflect on what I wanted for the organization and what I had to offer it. I spoke to a few friends, composed my thoughts in an application and letter and sought the support of others. In 2006, I wanted to see the return of the of a Northern California CUE conference – since then we’ve seen that dream come to fruition and see it become a tremendous success. I wanted to see increased opportunities for professional development; stronger affiliates; development of leaders at all levels of the organization; a new website; and consistent branding. Much of this has been achieved as well; however, I didn’t do it alone and they were not only my dreams.

What would you like to see CUE do? How can you help CUE do that? And who would you work with on the Board of Directors to achieve these dreams?

Particularly if you’re a teacher and have the support of your administrator, please consider talking to your affiliate about wanting to serve on the CUE Board of Directors. Nominations are due December 19th. For more information, visit: CUE’s website.

Larsen is a Senior Research Associate with WestEd and works in the Information Services Department. The emphasis of his work is on online professional learning; he collaborates with clients both internal and external, helping them to develop high quality interactive online learning opportunities for educators. He currently serves on the CUE Nominating Committee, and also writes a quarterly column, Tech Talk, for PN Magazine; received CUE’s Gold Disk in 2000; and lives in Chico, California.

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