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Photo by Danny Silva, CUE

A million cool things were happening at the CUE 2016 National Conference in March. Some of those were documented here, here, and yes even here. But did you know that among all of that learning and laughing, interviews were happening? You probably did. You probably walked right by the stage where an interview was happening, turned to your friend, and wondered aloud what what going on. Well wonder no longer, dear reader.

CUE loves our community of members, attendees, volunteers and friends, and we want to bring you the most detailed, yet still personable, information we can. That means pulling presenters off the stage and sitting down with them for a brief, intimate one-on-one (and occasional one-on-two). We all know that the best way to teach isn’t a sage on the stage but down on your knee beside the student’s desk. We didn’t make anyone at CUE Live! actually get down on one knee, though some seemed game for anything. (Did you see Brad Montague’s keynote? Dude was up for anything that would get teachers pumped about kids).

With the help of CUE Communications Committee members Adina Sullivan, Bill Selak, Chris Walsh and yours truly, we interviewed our keynotes, some school district representatives, and a few featured speakers who are doing innovative things and sharing great ideas. All in the name of learning.

There’s a CUEtube playlist that has all the CUE Live! videos, and since they average around eight to ten minutes you’ve got no reason to not check them all out. Keynotes Brad Montague, Pearl Arredondo, and Hadi Partovi and even an FCC Commissioner were generous with their time and energy, and you’ll also learn about a cool California Parks Program called PORTS where you can take virtual field trips, how a legally blind educator teaches photography, and what Mt Everest has that some of our schools do not.

CdxiPwKUYAAr5NwDoug Robertson is the CUE Blog Editor, Ravenclaw faculty representative, and a tenth-year teacher currently talking at fifth graders in Northern Oregon. He’s taught in California, Hawaii, and Oregon in 3rd, 4th, and 6th grades. He’s the author of two books about education, He’s the Weird Teacher and THE Teaching Text (You’re Welcome), and an active blogger. Doug speaks at teaching conferences including CUE Rock Star Teacher Camps, presenting on everything from technology to teaching philosophy (or teaching The Weird Way, to use his words).  Doug is also the creator and moderator of #WeirdEd on Twitter, which happens every Wednesday at 7pm PST. He’s also very handsome, but too modest to mention it.

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