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Bl Body 2CUE Rock Star is launching a new type of camp. It’s called Black Label* and this black label is for TOSAs (Teachers on Special Assignment) by TOSAs.

Normally, TOSAs have to attend education camps and conferences which are not geared to their specific needs. Not so here. This event is open to groups of TOSAs and teacher leaders. A group is defined as 3 or more from the same district or school.

Through Rock Star Black Label, the best of the best will be able to learn from each other, which a faculty-to-attendee ratio of about 1:25. A Black Label camp is exclusive and special, a focused place to dig deeply into, in this case TOSA needs and lesson design.

Faculty members Lisa Highfill, Adina Sullivan, and JR Ginex Orinion are Teachers On Special Assignment who have award-winning and respected careers. CUE sought for a select team who have the experience to draw out the ideas and excitement in other.

They are going to talk about lesson design and leadership through their unique TOSA lens. David Theriault is a keynote speaker, Google certified teacher, and major league educational thinker and it will be his job to relate lesson design for TOSAs. With faculty this strong, the StubHub Center will be bursting with ideas and excitement.

“Imagine teams of people who are Teachers on Special Assignment or EdTech Coaches at an event just for them. There will be really different conversations there and the unconference time is going to be really powerful for them to connect with like-minded folks with a similar job, which could be really hard to find elsewhere,” said Jon Corippo, Rock Star camp Founder and CUE’s Director of Academic Innovation.

cl2Rock Star Black Label will be on the weekend of August 15-16 hosted at StubHub Center, the home of the 2014 MLS Champion LA Galaxy, taking over the luxury suites. On top of great faculty and fully engaged attendees, the venue and the food there (I’m hearing rumors of a high quality grilled cheese bar) is top quality. The StubHub Center is built to feel the shake of energy and excitement, and Black Label is sure to take full advantage.

Don’t think you have funding to attend? Remember – this is one of the last events eligible for reimbursement via the K12 Ed Tech Voucher program! Talk to your district rep for more details…

Look to CUE Rock Star Black Label for more information.

* No reports at this time if Zakk Wylde will be in attendance.


Doug Robertson is a tentcath-year teacher currently talking at fifth graders in Northern Oregon. He’s taught in California, Hawaii, and Oregon in 3rd, 4th, and 6th grades. He’s the author of two books about education, He’s the Weird Teacher and THE Teaching Text (You’re Welcome) and an active blogger. Doug speaks at teaching conferences including CUE Rock Star Teacher Camps, presenting on everything from technology to teaching philosophy (or teaching The Weird Way, to use his words).  Doug is also the creator and moderator of #WeirdEd on Twitter, which happens every Wednesday at 7pm PST.

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