CUE Rock Star Camp NGSS Edition- Professional Development: Evolved

In my 23 years of teaching, I have attended many different professional development conferences. Of those, CUE Rock Star Teacher Camps have been, by far, the most valuable. The sessions at CUE RS Camps are relevant to 21st century learning and provide interactive hands-on experiences with other educators that are also searching for better ways to engage students in their learning.

My first CUE RS experience was in 2015. I spent two days immersed in learning ways to use iPads effectively in a 1:1 classroom, Google Sites as student portfolios, and innovative lesson designs that promote student engagement. I left the camp able to immediately apply and integrate this learning into my classroom. I had a renewed excitement for teaching.

My next experience with a two day CUE Rock Star Teacher Camp was in 2016. This one had a STEAM focus. It was modeled closely after the previous Rock Star Camp with two-hour sessions and quality presenters. Once again, CUE nailed it. My time was valued. I left with engaging activities that I could implement right away. My students are the ones that truly benefit whenever I attend a CUE Rock Star Teacher Camp.

Battlebots and Light Sabers built by my students, inspired by CUE Rock Star Camp STEAM Edition

I will be attending my third CUE Rock Star Teacher Camp in just a few weeks. I am especially excited about this one. It is an NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) Edition in Orcutt, CA  February 11-12. According to Jon Corippo, CUE Director of Innovative Education, “It promises to have all of the awesomeness of the Rock Star Camp with a 100% focus on NGSS, lead by highly qualified Science Teachers who use this NGSS mindset on a daily basis – right now.”  

The highly-qualified faculty for CUE Rock Star NGSS Edition:

Corey Coble: 7th grade science teacher, Roseville, CA

Stacey Cool: Instructional/Technology Coach, Merced, CA

Jon Corippo: Director of Academic Innovation, CUE

JR Ginex-Orinion: Science and Digital Learning Coach, Tustin, CA

Melissa Hero: Biology Teacher, Belmont, CA


Sessions for February 11:

ClEvR Lab Reports using Adobe Spark Video

Developing Better Scientists by Asking Better Questions

Engineering Challenges in a NGSS Middle School Classroom

Interactive Notebooks for Meta-cognition & Growth


Sessions for February 12:

Data Collect, Analysis, & Interpretation

Improve Scientific Literacy with Games and Storytelling

Project Based Learning in an NGSS Classroom

Using Online Simulations for Deeper Understanding

full schedule for more information.

Attendees will experience six hours of learning each day with lunch, drink, and dessert included.

Register for CUE Rock Star NGSS Edition before it’s too late!

Ed Note- CUE is currently looking for Rock Star faculty for our summer Rock Star Camps. Deadline to submit is 2/2 at midnight. Submit your sessions here

 Marianne is a fifth grade teacher in Los Osos, CA. With 24 years in the educational field as a classroom teacher, Marianne is committed to providing students with an innovative 21st century curriculum that includes engaging, high quality instruction to expand students’ opportunities for learning. This requires taking risks to get results, like when she moved all the desks out of her classroom in pursuit of new ways to use best practices to highly engage students. In order to prepare students to be future ready, she provides structures for learning through teamwork and whole class activities, which allow students to interact, think creatively, and be a part of each other’s learning. She has successfully implemented 1:1 iPads and Chromebooks with her class. Marianne’s innovative use of technology, creative lesson design, collaboration with peers, continual pursuit of learning, and leadership earned her the Mariposa County Teacher of the Year award in 2015.

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