#cuechat Spark- A Note About OneNote

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Exciting and free lesson plan options for Office 360The #CUEchat of November 14th was focused around Microsoft’s education tools and exciting and free lesson plan options for Office 360. It was moderated by Microsoft consultants Mallory Mack and Daphne Williams, who led participants in a tour of what Office can do. As a classroom teacher who uses Google almost exclusively (it’s what my district gives me, and I like what it can do), it’s interesting to see Microsoft working hard to get a piece of the edu-pie. This isn’t a bad thing. Much like in our classrooms, more options are better.

The tool that stood out to me and to most of the chat participants is called OneNote.

Matt is coming from the right direction. The tool itself doesn’t matter, only being good for student learning matters. Emilie Winser responded that it allows students to work collaboratively on a document, while the teacher also watches and gives real-time feedback.

Assuming the teacher is in the classroom with the students, this means even more choices for interacting with student learning- from your desk or while moving about the room. Choice is good. Daphne added that students can do more than type onto each other’s documents.

Differentiation like that is key to reaching all of our kids no matter their level. It’s nice to see technology supporting all learners and their specific needs.

It sounds like OneNote is something to look into, especially if thatย other big edtech player isn’t an option in your school or district.

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