CUE’s Code of Conduct Favors Simplicity, Positivity

CUE_CodeSince launching its new five-year Strategic Plan last July, CUE has been reviewing all policies and procedures to make sure that they reflect our new mission and vision and hold true to the principles on which our nonprofit was founded, comply with current nonprofit law and, of course, continue to align with our members’ and the broader educational community’s values.

One of these issues that hits close to home for all is the CUE Code of Conduct. Over our 37 years, CUE has expected attendees and members to act in their best professional manner when at in-person or online events. But if they stray from professional behavior, it forces us to reexamine our efforts in how best to protect all involved with CUE activities while they are in our care. 

Towards this end, CUE is inviting members, volunteers and those supportive of our efforts to collaborate in the development of an updated Code of Conduct for all CUE activities, online and in person. CUE Education Partners such as ISTE have offered us the language they use as a guide, for which we are thankful and have played an important part of the thinking behind our approach to this important discussion.

In our conversations, I kept thinking of “rules of conduct” for my classroom, and one particular phrase stood out from these conversations. It was a simple rule that was phrased in the positive, directed students to engage in appropriate behaviors and empowered them to own their own learning. I loved the simplicity back then and it seemed like it could be adapted to support the professional learning CUE cherished. In our conversations with CUE volunteer leaders, they emphasized all of these points, plus the goal of keeping it short and memorable.

So without further ado, here’s our policy:

CUE Code of Conduct

Do only that which helps you or your colleagues learn.

It is expected that all involved in CUE are professionals and will behave in a manner appropriate and should use their best judgment and common sense in refraining from disseminating information that is inappropriate or harmful. The above code shall be followed by all attendees, volunteers, members, exhibitors, speakers, sponsors and CUE staff at CUE events, whether occurring face to face or online. Further, CUE reserves the right to revoke current and future membership, attendance, volunteer duties, exhibition or speaker opportunities for those violating the above policy.

Please share any questions, concerns or issues with conduct@cue.org

It is my belief that the simplicity and positivity of this short code will remind those joining CUE and attending our events of the professionals that they are and direct our actions towards the powerful learning we seek.


Mike Lawrence is CUE’s Chief Executive Officer. An educator for the last 20 years, he worked as a teacher, administrator, and professional developer prior to starting at CUE in 2005. He received the CUE Gold Disk in 2010 and recently served two terms on the ISTE Board of Directors. He is the Director of the California Student Media Festival, was named one of NSBA’s “20 to Watch in Educational Technology” in 2012, and received ISTE’s Making IT Happen Award in 2013. | mlawrence@cue.org  @techmaverick 

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