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BY CUE Member and Guest Blogger Jon Corippo


USS Hornet Rock Star Group

Every school has at least THAT ONE crazy teacher. The one that admins realize is a game-changer, an innovator – a rock star teacher. Sometimes schools are blessed with two such folks. But in the end, they are often operating alone, without much of a collaborative group of like-minded folks.

In the Winter of 2010Danny Silva and I hatched a plan for a different kind of professional development – an experience that would be specifically for folks who were leaders at their schools to meet, connect and do hands-on practice in small group settings.

And just like that, a new kind of PD was hatched. Rock Star Teacher Camps were built under the idea that the most passionate and connected educators should be connected and create together in groups of under 150 (as deemed by Malcolm Gladwell‘s research of “the rule of 150”).

Every single Rock Star Teacher Camp has been a “standing room only” event, in locations like Lake Tahoe, Solana Beach, at an air museum and even on an aircraft carrier. The Rock Star attendees have been able to learn with faculty made up of Apple Distinguished Educators, Google Certified Teachers and Microsoft Innovative Educators and working in very small groups with a 10:1 ratio in most sessions.

Summer 2014 is stacking up to be one of the most exciting Rock Star Teacher events ever. There will be four “main events” this summer – located in Manhattan Beach, Monterey, the wildly popular Lake Tahoe and we are having our first “rural Rock Star” in Tulare County as well. Michigan and Florida will very likely be joining the Rock Star Camp series this summer as well. And we even have a special pre-summer “Valentines Weekend” Camp in Napa Valley for those who can’t wait for June!

The success of Rock Star Teacher Camps are the passionate faculty. Over 25 of the former Rock Star Teacher faculty have gone on to become ADEs, GCTs or MIEs – and several have become CUE Affiliate Presidents or board members. Folks like Robert Pronovost, Alice Chen, Joe Wood, Alice Keeler, John Stevens, Holly Clark, Kathleen Diver, Chris Scott, John Miller, and Will Kimbley have all enhanced their career and made dozens of ed tech connections as part of attending and leading CUE Rock Star events. In 2014, we’ll have space for 500 attendees, many of whom will have been attendees of previous Rock Star camps.

Go to CUE’s Rock Star Teacher page to register today for the following locations and dates:

  • SOLD OUT! CUE Rock Star Teacher Camp Napa Valley February 14-16, 2014
  • CUE Rock Star Teacher Camp Monterey June 18-20, 2014
  • CUE Rock Star Teacher Camp Tulare County June 18-20, 2014
  • CUE Rock Star Teacher Camp Lake Tahoe June 23-25, 2014
  • Just Announced! Best of MACUL presents CUE Rock Star Teacher Camp Saugatuck, Michigan, July 23-25, 2014
  • CUE Rock Star Teacher Camp Manhattan Beach July 29-31, 2014

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Jon CorippoJon Corippo is the CUE Rock Star “Instigator”, the co-inventor of the one-of-a-kind Minarets HS, an Apple Distinguished Educator, a Google Certified Teacher, has taught grades 4-12 (including HS English, Film and IT) and currently is serving as the Director of C&I for Mariposa County Schools.

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  • Thanks for including me in this awesome group of people. I have just started on my journey as a tech savvy educator. The CUE Rock Star experience has been such a valuable part of my learning. I LOVE being a Rock Star and a LONE NUT (or am I the first follower?)

  • This is “count down” time… 3/18/16 @ 8:32 pm… Just a few more hours and then… It’s time to ROK-n-Register as a CUE ROCKSTAR TEACHER!!!!

  • It’s 6:01 am March 19, waiting on-line to register for this Summer’s CUE Rockstar Teacher Camps… “Open Says Me” w/ a little magical teacher dust! C’mon, it’s ROK-n-Register time!!!! Awesome training awaits me!

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