Empowering the Learning Cycle Through Educational Technology

Captured on March 15, 2013, in Palm Springs, California, Ramsey Musallam, a California-based high school chemistry teacher, shares tools and discusses the principles and practices of teaching utilizing the technology of videos in creating blended classrooms using the flipped learning model.

Rasmey Musallam is one of the pioneers of  the flipped classroom. Recently tapped to speak at TED,Talks Education, Ramsey brings his fun style and love for teaching alive in his talk at the 2013 Annual CUE Conference – CUE to the Core.

Session Description: Over the past few years the term “flipped classroom” has emerged as popular approach to harnessing video instruction, specifically screencasting, as a tool to empower teachers and provide more class time for meaningful learning. Despite benefits of this approach, the flipped classroom is often misunderstood and advertised as an instructional pedagogy, rather than a technique to be used in the context of pedagogy. This talk will attempt to redefine the term, and present the use of instructional video in the context of an inquiry learning cycle.

Participants were be challenged to view technology through the Learning Cycle lens. From inquiry “hooks” to content delivery, techniques used to tackle issues of motivation and time were shared. Implementation strategies, pedagogical specifics, multiplatform production options and a theoretical framework will be offered as well.

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