Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Brandon Schut

Often at conferences, I feel torn between more than one session scheduled at the same time. I once got the advice from a colleague, “If you don’t know where to go, choose the presenter you know will make it worth your while.” While there will be many sessions on badging and micro credentialing, maybe even on Adobe Spark, at Fall CUE, Brandon Schut is going to bring his own flare to his sessions. You won’t want to miss this!

On a dusty, summer evening, in the early 1980s, a child was born. The parents of this child would soon recognize that he would go on to change the way society looks at men wearing sequin suits. After starting out at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA, Brandon transferred to CSU Stanislaus to earn a degree in History. In the midst of graduating college, Brandon married a wonderful person who, luckily for their marriage, enjoys Survivorman Les Stroud just as much as he does. While in graduate school to earn an MA in English Literature, Brandon and his wife had a child. Two years later, they had another child. The perils, joys, horrors, work, love that goes into raising children helped push Brandon away from graduate school and he has yet to finish his MA in English Literature. He still enjoys debating the origin of language, though. In 2011, Brandon started work at the Stanislaus County Office of Education. At SCOE, he worked for the Northern California Medi-Cal Administrative Services Joint Powers Authority (NMAS-JPA) for two years, moved into the I.T. Department to assist with the financial system QCC for the next two years, and has been a happy member of the E.T.C. department for the last two years. In 2016, due in part to honor his birth-state, California, Brandon Schut attempted to brand the state’s name pronunciation to coincide with one of his favorite brassica oleracea type vegetables, cauliflower. He has yet to be successful. Interested in meeting Brandon? You might find him out kayaking through lakes in Emigrant Wilderness, enjoying a fine videogame online, or out twerking at the club.

What sessions are you presenting at Fall CUE this year?

Badging and Micro-credentialing for Adult Learners;


What inspired you to put these sessions together?

Sharknado was my inspiration for the Adobe Spark session. I mean, Sharknado 6 is a sequel about time travel, sharks, and tornados; what is better than that?

Why should someone attend?

Besides my paltry wit and mediocre presentation skills, people should attend because I kind of, sort of, probably don’t look like a young Ryan Reynolds and attendees will see that. People who do not attend will receive a lifetime supply of regret.

What’s your CUE Story?

I attempted to karaoke Montell Jordan’s hit single from 1995 “This is How We Do It,” at CUE Palm Springs 2016, but changed the hook to “This is How We CUE It!” It failed horribly, but my dance moves were on point!

To read more about these sessions and the other options for CUE’s incredible two-day conference, check out the schedule. Don’t forget to register for the conference, too! You DO NOT want to miss this year.

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Kristina Allison

Kristina Allison is currently teaching language arts and computer science at the middle school level. She holds a masters in educational technology, teaches as a Lead Learner for CUE and serves as a director on the CapCue board, the Sacramento area affiliate. Kristina is also a proud teacher consultant for the Area 3 Writing Project. Find her at http://figurativelyteaching.com

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