Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Jay Sorensen

We know that standing in front of students and delivering content is not the key to engagement. But did you know that giving students essential questions is also working against empowering them to take control of their own learning? Check out Jay Sorensen’s session at Fall CUE and learn simple ways to engage students using tools to fuel their own inquiry. It can change your classroom practice, any level, on Monday.

Jay is the Ed Tech Coordinator for Oxnard Union High School District. He provides trainings and manages the gamified PD Oxnard Union Express. He moderates the #VCHSchat, co-founded #Skoolcade, and is an organizer for both #EdCampRio & #EdCamp612. Jay is also the 2018 Technology Leader of the Year for Gold Coast CUE.

What session are you presenting at Fall CUE this year?

Using the QFT to Ignite Inquiry in the Classroom

What inspired you to put this session together?

Getting students to ask their own questions and then seek answers to those questions that they’re most interested in helps with engagement, student-empowerment, and higher DOK levels.

Why should someone attend?

The QFT is a perfect baby step into inquiry for both teachers and students. It’s a simple yet powerful protocol that can be used with all subject at pretty much all grade levels.

What’s your CUE Story?

CUE is what got me into technology. It’s what opened my eyes to all that is possible with tech. It inspired me to get students to do amazing things. I presented at my local affiliate, then Rock Star, then Black Labels, Fall CUE, and finally National CUE. I grow a little bit each time.

To read more about this session and the other options for CUE’s incredible two-day conference, check out the schedule. Don’t forget to register for the conference, too! You DO NOT want to miss this year.

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Kristina Allison

Kristina Allison is currently teaching language arts and computer science at the middle school level. She holds a masters in educational technology, teaches as a Lead Learner for CUE and serves as a director on the CapCue board, the Sacramento area affiliate. Kristina is also a proud teacher consultant for the Area 3 Writing Project. Find her at http://figurativelyteaching.com

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