Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Genevieve Morgan

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I don’t think Socrates ever imagined students could have the wealth of information our students have at their finger tips. Although, I do believe he would have embraced technology as a conduit of turning that information into wisdom. Genevieve Morgan has taken good ol’ Socrates and brought him with her to the age of the computer. Drop by her session at Fall CUE to see she how she uses technology to enhance and deepen conversations. Socrates would be proud.  

Genevieve is interested in ways that tech can help connect kids to each other and the world; also in ways that tech can help them create and curate content, instead of being passive receivers. Creating authentic writing experiences is another area of interest—talk to her about having kids blog, post reviews to Goodreads, and use Google Docs.

What sessions are you presenting at Fall CUE this year?

Digital Socratic Seminars

What inspired you to put this session together?

Acknowledging the quiet kids and looking for ways for the more verbal ones to slow down, listen, and deepen their responses.

Why should someone attend?

Anyone interested in exploring new ways to foster discussion; anyone looking for ways to measure “engagement” instead of “participation.”

What’s your CUE Story?

I presented a few years ago and was struck with the other attendees and presenters. They are risk-takers and collaborators. You won’t find a more generous bunch—everyone is willing to share.

To read more about this session and the other options for CUE’s incredible two-day conference, check out the schedule. Don’t forget to register for the conference, too! You DO NOT want to miss this year.

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Kristina Allison

Kristina Allison is currently teaching language arts and computer science at the middle school level. She holds a masters in educational technology, teaches as a Lead Learner for CUE and serves as a director on the CapCue board, the Sacramento area affiliate. Kristina is also a proud teacher consultant for the Area 3 Writing Project. Find her at http://figurativelyteaching.com

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