Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Stacey Cool

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Technology should make your life easier. That’s exactly what Stacey Cool is going to do to your classroom. She will also give you ideas to not just make your day to day easier, but engage your students into meaningful and fun activities. Don’t miss her session at Fall CUE! Walk away with ideas to implement on Monday.

Stacey describes herself as a traveler, teacher, inquisitor, and instigator. She has is a CUE RockStar Faculty member, Google Suite for Education Trainer, RPCV, and Jedi. Stacey is a lover of science, tech, nature, and new ideas.

What session are you presenting at Fall CUE this year?

Student Choice to Promote Student Voice

What inspired you to put this session together?

I’ve been incorporating technology into my teaching for about 7 years now and to me, the biggest reason to do so was to help shake off the constraints of traditional education. It is now easier for me to offer students variety and targeted work to build their skills. It also allows students to better control and direct their own learning. When I started to ease off the reigns and allow students choice and control they really blossomed from cogs in the educational machine to active learners. I feel the biggest barrier preventing teachers from allowing students more freedom is figuring out how to structure it. So that’s what I am trying to help with here: giving ideas, templates, structures and work flow ideas to teachers so they can offer more choice to their students.

Why should someone attend?

Come because of the music and stay for the idea exchange! I love being the first session of the day because I can get there early and rock out while preparing. Attendees will get all sorts of resources, templates and ideas on how to give students more choice in the classroom. I love having a dialogue with attendees in my session so we can get the best ideas into our classrooms.

What’s your CUE Story?

I first got exposed to CUE in 2012 when Jon Corippo came to our county office of education to do a training. He talked about why Twitter is important to educators and advertised the CUE Rockstar Teacher camp at Minarets. Between those two experiences I was hooked! While at Minarets he talked about trying to secure the USS Hornet as a place for another Rockstar event and I knew I had to be there. I had just began to dip my toe in the water of presenting. I developed my first proposals and ran them past Jon for some guidance. I initially was chosen as an alternate but then was asked to step up and present at this unique locale. I remember my session had some work with spreadsheets. Afterwards, two participants thanked me with tears in their eyes because what I had shown them was going to save them hours of work and, in their words, changed their lives. I knew I had to keep getting out there, sharing knowledge and spreading the ideas I learned from others. The choice was simple, I could stay in my classroom and try and make life better for my 150 students or I could present and hopefully make life better for even more students and teachers.

To read more about this session and the other options for CUE’s incredible two-day conference, check out the schedule. Don’t forget to register for the conference, too! You DO NOT want to miss this year.

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Kristina Allison

Kristina Allison is currently teaching language arts and computer science at the middle school level. She holds a masters in educational technology, teaches as a Lead Learner for CUE and serves as a director on the CapCue board, the Sacramento area affiliate. Kristina is also a proud teacher consultant for the Area 3 Writing Project. Find her at http://figurativelyteaching.com

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