Gamify Your Professional Learning at the CUE 2016 Fall Conference!

Covina-Valley Unified School District teachers having way too much fun learning about Quizizz at a CUE Launch event

Covina-Valley Unified School District teachers having way too much fun learning about Quizizz at a CUE Launch event

Professional learning can and should be fun!

At this year’s CUE 2016 Fall Conference, we are working hard to make the attendee experience even more engaging and fun than years past. To that end, a group of 14 educators have been busily designing tasks, missions, and challenges for attendees. Participants will be asked to capture the collaboration and connectivity of the #fallcue experience in the streamlined Chrome Warrior gamified learning environment at cue.chromewarrior.net . (CUE also proudly partners with @ChromeWarriorPD for our district-focused, hands-on and gamified CUE Launch events.) We want to honor the “ah-hahs” that come from an amazing session, the laughter that comes from PLN meet-ups, and the big ideas you think about as you come face-to-face with some of the brightest and most passionate educators throughout the state.

Additionally, we know that social media plays a large role in growing collaboration and connectivity at conferences and beyond. So, our tasks will bring in a significant social media component. If you are still waiting for your personal invitation to join Twitter, consider this it! Do you need some assistance with that? Check out this blog post that unpacks Twitter for all beginners.

Onto our three Game Pathways powered by Chrome Warrior…

cuesteampunklogorgbweb600_1-1#CUESTEAMpunk — Jump into the STEAM-y side of learning by attending the CUE STEAM Punk Playground on Friday, October 28. Keep your eyes peeled for STEAMpunk sessions and informal demonstrations of bots, drones, and more!


cue_rock_star_generic_rbg#CUErockstar — The passion and essence of a CUE Rockstar presenter, jam session, and workshop is unlike any other. Whether you attend a CUE Rockstar Jam session (pre-registration required for these) or hang with a Rockstar presenter, you will move through these tasks with ease!

image1#FallCUE Social Media Mastery — Connecting and learning IRL (ed. Note- omg ikr? lol) at the CUE 2016 Fall conference is what fills each of us since we’ve waited to see all of our edu-crushes and long-distance friends for months. Take advantage of your smartphone camera, your Twitter account, and your feet to get yourself to PLN meet-ups and CUE affiliate meetings throughout the conference.

We’ll be distributing physical stickers for each digital badge you earn throughout the conference. Look for awesome volunteers handing them out to you at the CUE STEAM Punk Playground on Friday, October 28, and the CUE Student-Powered Showcase on Saturday, October 29. Physical stickers are limited supply, and are first come, first serve. Deadline to earn your digital badges and physical stickers is by 1:30 pm, on Saturday, October 29.

Remember to find the fun in all that you do!

Note: The CUE 2016 Fall Conference is SOLD OUT. If you’re not currently registered, we look forward to seeing you next  year!

tonaliCate Tolnai is an Academic Technology Specialist at the Santa Clara County Office of Education. In her fourteenth year in education, she is dedicated to supporting teachers & administrators throughout the state as they initiate and continue their professional learning journeys. She serves as Director on the Capitol CUE Board, and as a Google Certified Innovator and Trainer, she works to integrate technology and teaching across grade levels and content areas. She loves to talk digital badges, personalized PD, web tools, and all things awesome. #ConnectedTL #badgechatk12 #capcuePLN

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