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Guest post by Mark Hammons, CUE Communications Committee Chair

ITM CUEIn technological years, my time in educational technology has been short lived…I think I’m on my fourth cycle of Moore’s Law, but who’s counting. During this time, the growth of the educational media available to teachers, students and professional developers has grown from a Wayne’s World operation to a C-SPAN of content…albeit a bit more entertaining & educational!

One show that changed the way I approached my ed tech career was the Infinite Thinking Machine. Back in 2007, a colleague shared a link to this show with me and I was blown away. Not only did it provide information on many of the latest educational technology products, it provided an insight into teaching pedagogy that was instrumental in how I approached time with my students, but also with other teachers looking for that creative spark.

I began to share the show with everyone who attended workshops and each episode from season 1 provided some thought provoking conversations that really got educators thinking about how they could bridge the worlds of technology and education. Needless to say, I was saddened to see the show cease, yet those videos still provided many educators with ideas that could stand the test of time.

Thankfully, CUE resurrected the ITM from complete demise last year and provided a new platform for it to live again! By breathing new life into this series, CUE and the ITM can continue to spotlight what’s useful in education by providing a fresh, cutting-edge, and motivating series for those in the CUE community and beyond.The ITM is well into season three and has already been nominated for Best Educational Series by the International Academy of Web Television! Many more great things are to come from the ITM.

As the CUE Communications Chair and proud ITM supporter (I even have a shirt), I’d like to officially nominate the Infinite Thinking Machine into the Video/Podcast category 2012 Edublog Awards. The education community needs a show like this to inspire creativity and innovation in us all. This is but a simple reward for all of the hard work and dedication put forth by the founders and continued supporters of the ITM. If you’d like to help spread the word, and stay up to date, be sure to follow the show on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you, ITM, for inspiring me. Thank you CUE for producing the show..

We are ALL… the Infinite Thinking Machine! Follow the ITM on Twitter at @ITMshow

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