Calling all Leaders!

Leadership 3 Symposium – April  14-16, 2016 Redondo Beach

Developing personalized learning initiatives? Using Google Apps for paperless and collaborative staff meetings? Creating safe and productive 1:1/BYOD Programs? You may be like others as all of these questions were discussed during previous Leadership 3.0 Symposia! Staying relevant on new and emerging educational trends is an essential component of effective leadership (and is written into everything from the CPSELs to ISTE Standards for Administrators). In this day and age there are several tools at your fingertips–from educational leaders’ blogs and Twitter Chats such as #satchatwc to more official publications such as ACSA’s Leadership Magazine, eSchoolnews, and EdWeek. Whether we like it or not, we are inundated with virtual resources, but it is time and setting that can be a roadblock to full acquisition and synthesis for our own needs.

As a director of Learning & Innovation for a small district in the Silicon Valley I am immersed in they day-to-day needs of our students, teachers, staff, and community. Sure, we have some great things going on- Makerspaces in our K-3 school and 4-8 school, project-based learning across all grade levels, data-driven instruction based upon ongoing assessment and analysis through our assessment system, and teacher goal setting and reflections through blogging to just name a few. Sometimes I just want to share in detail with other educational leaders from different areas in more than just a virtual manner where I am not rushed to respond to an email, visit a teacher, or submit a purchase order for a math supplement. Thankfully, ACSA, CUE, and TICAL has developed a space and event for these conversations and professional learning opportunities where visionary leaders convene to discuss the collision of technology innovation and leadership. Leadership 3.0 is the space where you can learn with your peers and get away from your buildings for a weekend!

Learning at Leadership 3.0 is meant to be a give and take process. Gaining knowledge and ideas you can bring back is definitely a significant focus- Educational thinkers such as Sir Ken Robinson, Eric Sheninger, and Michael Fullan have keynoted Leadership 3.0. Key educational change agents such as Dr. Lisa Gonzales, Dr. Devin Vodicka, and Jedi Jon Corippo have also shared their wisdom. These inspirational practitioners are just a small piece to the puzzle that makes Leadership 3.0 such a profound experience. It is all of us who are in the weeds making a difference day-to-day for our students, staff, and community who can provide key insights to best practices in creating a future ready educational program.

Below are the top 5 reasons why you should consider submitting a proposal to speak at Leadership 3.0:

  • We all have great things going on.

Consider one innovation that is happening at your school — it is something that your fellow educational leaders would like to learn about–from initial planning to implementation!

  • We all have unique perspectives.

You may work in a high ELL population, a rural environment, and/or you wear several different decision-making hats, you have gleaned some significant insights in your work– you should spread the word!

  • We all have different programs/initiatives.

From parent volunteers and supporting struggling readers to flexible bell schedules that provide individualized student support these program have enhanced student achievement. We want to hear all about it!

  • We all have varying sets of skills and resources.

Effective use of community communication and a repository of curricula provide just two examples, but I am sure your skills and resources can be beneficial for all!

  • We all have a similar passion for supporting students.

No matter what, we all have intrinsic values that put us where we are today. These values are infectious and you should spread it this energy to others like you as it takes the world to lead educational change.

So, now ready to submit your proposal? View the 2015 sessions and learn more about the process — you have until November 12th! If you would rather just sure your wisdom informally, that’s OK too. Just make sure you save the date and I look forward to learning from you in April!

Working out of the Santa Cruz County Office of Education, Jason Borgen also provides professional development workshops and credential coursework to local teachers and administrators. In 2015 Jason began working as the Director of Learning & Innovation for the Portola Valley School District. Jason presents at regional, statewide, and national, and international conference as well as leads workshops for CUE, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), and CASCD. Jason currently serves on CUE Board of Directors. Jason became a Google Certified Teacher in 2008, LEC Certified in Online and Blended Teaching in 2011, for the Administrator in 2012, and Professional Developer in 2012. In 2014 Jason also became a Authorized Google Education Trainer.

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