New for Spring CUE 2018: The CUE Adventure!

This year, we’re transforming our exhibit hall into an epic adventure with the help of our friends at Classcraft!

The CUE Adventure gamifies the conference experience as you and other educators visit vendors and see what’s the latest in ed tech. By using your mobile phone or tablet, you’ll create a hero and embark on a legendary quest across a choose-your-own-adventure map and share with others what’s stood out and noteworthy. The best answers will be curated and shared with teachers everywhere who weren’t able to make it to the conference in person.

Becoming an epic CUE Adventure hero

With their experience in creating meaningful and engaging classroom experiences through gamification, Classcraft has brought powerful game mechanics to The CUE Adventure to make your journey through the exhibit hall fun and memorable.

By joining this adventure, you can create your very own character and take him or her on a quest. On your quest, you’ll receive missions that will take you around the exhibit hall and have you using Twitter in order earn Gold Pieces (GP). As you progress, you can use the GP you’ve earned to buy special gear for your character that will make them look even more awesome!

As the conference goes on and more teachers dive deeper into their quests, moments from this collective adventure will appear on Twitter for colleagues, friends, and family back home to see. By interacting with all of your fellow adventurers, you’ll discover that no one’s character is alike, and each and every one of you has the chance to emerge victorious from The CUE Adventure and bring honor back to your school and community.

How to get the adventure started

Getting started with The CUE Adventure is easy. It works on any mobile phone or tablet device.

Step 1

Sign up for The CUE Adventure. Create an account using your Twitter account if you have one, but if not, that’s OK. You can also sign up with Google or Facebook.

Step 2

Choose your character class and look. You can be either a Healer, Warrior, or Mage. Each one has their own unique gear that you can buy with the GP you earn on your quest.

Step 3

Start your quest and start earning Gold Pieces. GP enable you to become the epic hero you were meant to be!

Will you be victorious!?

We can’t wait to see what amazing heroes emerge from The CUE Adventure! Throughout the event, use the hashtags #CUEST18 and #CUE18 whenever you meet other adventurers, members of the Classcraft team, CUE Rockstars, or anything else you think will add to the fun.

When you finish your quest, be sure to stop back at the Classcraft booth (#132) to receive special CUE Adventure stickers!

Also, stay tuned after the event for special posts and blog articles recognizing truly amazing achievements from The CUE Adventure!

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