PoPPCon is Coming!

PoPPCon, The Power of Pathways and Partnerships Conference, is an “un-conventional” experience for educators, administrators, and partners from community, post-secondary, and industry where participants can take a deep dive into a specific problem of practice within their work.  Through site visits and facilitated discussions, the “Deep Dives” are design to meet the unique needs and interests of attendees. PoPPCon is designed as an opportunity for participants to explore and experience how college & career pathways and partnerships create the conditions and opportunities for students to discover their interests and build essential skills for the future.
Deep Dive Options
  • Laying the Foundation for High-quality Pathways
  • Building Structures for Sustainable Success 
  • Students in Action: Models of Powerful Work-Based Learning
  • Expanding Horizons: Interest-Driven Industry Involved Excursions
  • Rigorous & Relevant Project-Based Learning
  • The Big Game: Designing for Peak Moments
For more information on each of the deep dives, click here.
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Please email us if you have any questions at – PoPPCon@sandi.net

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