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in case you missed it

in case you missed itOn Tuesday, September 19, the #cuechat community engaged in a lively Twitter chat focused on establishing routines and procedures at the beginning of the school year. The chat was powered by @ConnectedTL, a professional learning community dedicated to connecting teachers, educational leaders, and teacher-leaders. The conversation involved establishing and maintaining routines for both students and adult learners. 

Some great tips popped up throughout the hour-long chat. One thread that was particularly engaging circled the use of music to signal transitions and create time constraints to tasks and activities.

My favorite routine-setters are @MrVaudrey Music Cues #goldmine #cuechat #connectedtl — Cate Tolnai (@CateTolnai)

There was one posted question which especially got participants problem-solving and digging deep into their toolboxes. Check it out here!

question 4 cuechat

We’d love to read your response to this question. Feel free to post in the comments below!!

Feel free to join the #cuechat conversation on Twitter every Tuesday from 7-8pm PT. The #cuechat hashtag is a vibrant and exciting thread of communication throughout the week as well. Can’t wait to see you there!

Interested in seeing the entire conversation from the chat last night? Visit our curated #cuechat Storify!

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