OnCUE Social Media Champs

Applications are due April 19th
for our second round of OnCUE Social Media Champs!
What is an OnCUE Social Media Champ? 

Our Social Media Team is made up of CUE members who are dialed into their PLN and the amazing work that comes out of classrooms, school sites, and creative individuals throughout the CUE community.

Currently, there are four specialty areas that make-up the OnCUE Social Media team:

Blog Author & Curator

A current blogger who posts one original blog piece inspired by and highlighting CUE events, members, or relevant topics and one CUE Spark each week inside of the OnCUE WordPress Site

Podcast Creator & Curator

A current podcaster or podcasting team who posts original podcasts inspired by and highlighting CUE events, members, or relevant topics  2-3 times per month and one CUE Spark EACH WEEK inside of the OnCUE WordPress Site

Video / Media Producer & Curator

A current video / media producer who produces and posts one original piece inspired by and highlighting CUE events, members, or relevant topics 2-3 times per month and one CUE Spark EACH WEEK inside of the OnCUE WordPress Site

#CUEchat Coordinator

A current Twitter Chat moderator (ongoing or guest) who works with a team of volunteers to manage, moderate, archive, and publicize CUE’s weekly Twitter chat every Tuesday from 7-8pm PST/PDT

What is a CUE Spark?

A CUE Spark is an inspired, real-time short-form blog post (or a long-form social media post) that:

  • previews or reviews a particular digital resource
  • builds audience relevancy and connectivity to the resource
  • inspires the audience to click and visit the resource (think #eduawesomeclickbait)

When you see it, you can “spark” it!

-Jon Corippo

Who are we looking for?

Someone with:

  • A “work hard, play hard” attitude
  • Experience with, or willingness to learn, how to post to and edit a WordPress site
  • Proficiency in editorial and descriptive writing and the English language
  • Familiarity with the CUE community values, interests, and members
  • Evidence of being a connected educator on social media
  • Organizational strength
  • An eye for hot topics, relevant resources, and current trends
  • A hunger to learn and connect with others
  • The ability to devote 1-2 hours a week on related tasks plus a monthly team meeting

What’s in it for you?

  • Freedom to create and shape the voice of CUE across social media
  • Increased networking and professional connectivity
  • CUE Golden Ticket: Free pass to any CUE Professional Learning Events during your tenure
  • A Stipend of $1500

Level-up your leadership skills by becoming an OnCUE Social Media Champ! 

Meet our Current OnCUE Social Media Champs!

Sarah Thomas is currently sharing multimedia resources and producing/hosting our weekly CUE’d Up collection of member spotlight interviews and Sparks. She also works as Regional Technology Coordinator in Prince Georges County, MD. Sarah is the creative genius behind EduMatch, a global initiative that uses the power of social media in order to help foster collaboration and connections among educators.

Brian Briggs is currently the Director of Innovation and Instructional Technology for the Plumas Lake Elementary School District. Before being a Director, he was an EdTech Coordinator and prior to that, an educator for 12 years. Ryan O’Donnell is a high school social studies and technology teacher at Rocklin High School in Rocklin CA. He has been teaching since 1997 and has been an advocate for all things “tech” since he first began teaching.

Together, they make up the wacky Check This Out podcast team.

Cori Orlando is a mother of two amazing children and currently works as a TOSA in Simi Valley Unified School District. She is a co-moderator for both #SVTChat and #VCHSchat. Cori has presented various sessions for CUE Rock Star, CUE BOLD as well as within and outside of her district and county. She is also a frequent blogger on her site: http://leadinginlimbo.weebly.com/