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Copy of Logo 2016The CUE 2016 National Conference is almost here! As the official #notatcue social media coordinator, I thought I’d check in and give conference attendees an update for plans at this year’s event.

For the the past year, I’ve been monitoring social media at major CUE events from the comfort of my home outside Chicago. As much as I’d like to be there in person, this has been a great way to really focus on CUE-related social media streams. From my perspective, I almost feel like I’m at the conference, and it’s been inspiring to watch all the action from afar. The general buzz of CUE events has been energetic and the quality of presenters has been outstanding. I’ve learned so much and have grown to admire the level of expertise within the CUE community. California is definitely leading the way with innovation in education.

Some of my favorite livestreamed presentations from #CUE15 and the #FallCUE include:

So, if you will be #notatcue like me, don’t let that stop you from learning. Follow this year’s streamed sessions here: www.cue.org/live.  I also recommend using Participate.com’s new Participate Chat interface which allows you to monitor a hashtag and curate resources directly into your Participate Learning account. Participate Chats also allows you to save transcripts of twitter streams. Find the Participate Chat for #CUE16 here and the Participate Chat for #notatcue here.

For those of you who will be in attendance at the CUE 2016 National Conference, we encourage you to share early and share often. Please use the hashtag #CUE16 when using any social media channel. You’ll be able to keep tabs on posts in a variety of social media using this tagboard we’ve created: https://tagboard.com/CUE16/271999.

For the third time, we’ll also be offering digital badges to acknowledge CUE attendees’ participation in the conference. We’ve partnered again with BadgeList and have a brand new learning group for this year’s conference. Earn your digital credentials and share them easily to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Badges are also embeddable on websites. We think this is a fun way to explore the world of micro credentials; perhaps you’ll find use for badges in your classroom or professional development program.

This year,  we are offering five digital badges that will be awarded to you once you’ve provided evidence of your learning. Hat tip to Danny Silva for once again designing a clever set!

attendCUE 16 Attendee badge

Attend the CUE 2016 National Conference this March and earn this badge.

Required evidence: Post a photo of yourself wearing your badge and write a brief reflection on conference learning goals you’ve set for yourself.


CUE 16 Paparazzo badge

Take three pictures while attending the CUE 2016 National Conference.

Required evidence: Link to three photos taken at the conference depicting interesting conference happenings. Post these to social media and use the hashtag #CUE16.


social butterflyCUE 16 Social Butterfly badge

Post two pictures, selfies, or short video clips from a #CUE16 social event as evidence of having fun at the National Conference.

Required evidence: Post two photos or videos to the media site of your choice using the tag #CUE16. Submit links to BadgeList.


CUE 16 Speaker badge

Post a link to your resources and share a few presenting tips.

Required evidence: Post a link to your presentation page in SCHED and include a link to your presentation resources. Add a few presenting tips for those new to the world of conference presentations.


CUE 16 Tweeter badge

Post 3 original Tweets that uses the hashtag #CUE16 during March 2016. Pre and post-conference tweets also count!

Required evidence: Post three tweets right from BadgeList or link to tweets you’ve already posted. Tweets must contain the hashtag #CUE16.

To get started, go to BadgeList and create a free account. Join our #CUE16 learning group and submit evidence for each badge. We will be approving these as soon as possible and will continue to approve these through the end of April 2016.

no longer mythical

no longer mythical

And there’s more… If you earn 3 out of 5 of these badges, you will be eligible for a real physical badge, too! These golden social media mastery badge stickers are in limited supply. Once you gather any 3 of the other 5 digital badges, you can collect a REAL GOLDEN STICKER for your laptop or device at the CUE Professional Learning booth located in the Mesquite Hallway in the Palm Springs Convention Center on Thursday, March 17, 1:30 pm-2 pm or Friday, March 18, 1:30-2pm and 4:30-5pm. After you have your golden social media sticker, take a picture and share it on social media.

Finally, don’t forget to follow CUE on other social media channels including Facebook. YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+. And, I’ll also be available behind the scenes to answer any of your conference related questions. My Twitter handle is @elemenous and CUE’s is @cueinc. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need any assistance, and I’ll put you in touch with the right on-site contact.

Have a great conference, everyone! Looking forward to next week!

lucy greyCurrently an education consultant advising a variety of organizations, Lucy Gray previously taught elementary grade levels in Chicago Public Schools and middle school computer science at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. She also has worked at the University of Chicago’s Urban Education Institute and the Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education. In 2007, Lucy founded the Global Education Collaborative, a network for educators interested in collaboration which has been expanded into the Global Education Conference. Lucy also has received the distinctions of Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Certified Teacher. For further information and resources, please check out her website at http://lucygrayconsulting.com.

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