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Written by CUE Member (and Vanilla Ice fan, apparently) Mark Hammons @mhammons

The ITM is ‘Kickin’ it’ with a brand new season!

That’s right folks… the show you’ve come to know and love is back for a whole new season! Season 4 of the Infinite Thinking Machine launched this past summer with great acclaim! After a brief summer hiatus, the ITM is announced a new international host (that’s right… they’ve gone global)! Michelle Cordy, a Canadian educator who’s been hacking up learning for years, has joined Ramsey in this memorable season of learning. And you may even spot another CUE member providing crucial on camera edu-awesomeness here and there (go @billselak!).

Connecting with educators in a ‘souped up’ environment!

By finding new and innovative ways to enhance teaching and learning, by making schools Future Ready, the ITM connects with educators AND students so everyone on the education spectrum can benefit from unique and innovative learning opportunities.

It airs like TV shows fortnightly.

Yep, fortnightly – it’s a real word. It’s about providing you, the loyal subscribers and viewers to a quick, on-demand burst of ideas every two weeks during the school year that will inspire you with stories from educators around the world!

Will it ever stop? Yo, we say NO!

That’s why the ITM needs your help. We’re looking for your vote and recognition as the Best Use of Media (Video, Podcasts, etc.) from the fine folks over at Edublogs. With a W3 recognition and countless +1’s and RT’s from its loyal fans, reaching more educators is a core value of the ITM and your support in the voting is critical.

Press the play button, and it’ll show.

There is plenty of content for you to pick and choose from previous seasons that focus on coding, music, gaming, and other fun hacks to education. A recent episode focuses on 20% time in the classroom to engage student innovation and entrepreneurial solutions. Or check out the previous episode focusing on mystery calls from classroom to classroom that add fun, inquiry, excitement and new friends to learning.

To the extreme, they rock the Internet like a vandal.

Really, it’s true. The ITM has changed so many lives since it’s inception back in 2006. It has a unique way to connect with educators both personally and professionally and is now focusing reaching classrooms with the best of what the web has to offer. Of course, if you have ideas, please share your story suggestions with the crew over at the ITM.

And remember, YOU ARE… The Infinite Thinking Machine!


Mark Hammons

Mark Hammons currently is an Educational Technology Consultant at the Fresno County Office of Education and serves as an advisor to educational organizations throughout the world. Mark holds a M.A. in Educational Technology specializing in mobile learning and instructional design. As an Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Teacher, Authorized Google Education Trainer and New Media Consortium Ambassador, Mark travels the world promoting Educational Technology to educators and students. Follow Mark on twitter (@mhammons).

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