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Taking a (Mini) Cue from CUE18

“Can we do this again, so we can attend sessions that we couldn’t do this time?” was my favorite question asked by my teaching staff.  Are we talking about CUE18?  No, but we could have...

picture Kim Calderon

Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Kim Calderon

Hands on learning is how our students want to learn. Truth is, adults love learning that way, too! At Fall CUE, Kim Calderon has some seriously fun learning planned for you. Check out her...

Picture Elsbeth Seymour

Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Elsbeth Seymour

All means all. We teach all students in our class and each and every one of those students have different needs. At Fall CUE, Elsbeth Seymour will be showcasing her expertise on how using...

Picture Jessica Pack

Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Jessica Pack

I am a firm believer that if you can tell a story, you can be and do anything in this world. But how do we teach our students to tell stories with such limited time in the content areas...

Picture Tara Martin

Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Tara Martin

Fall CUE is just around the corner and Tara Martin is gearing up to transform your school and district culture through tools that create growth with teams and individuals. Come see just...

Picture Tom Covington

Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Tom Covington

Podcasting for students? Audio as assessment? Tom Covington will convince you that this is the next great thing you need to add to your classroom repertoire. Come check out his session at...