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Picture Bonnie Marks

Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Bonnie Marks

Do you ever feel like doing more to affect change in California? Bonnie Marks is going to give you the chance. At Fall CUE, she will be sharing how CUE is working for you, and what you can...

Picture Amy Linden

Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Amy Linden

Fake news. Fake news. We hear it, read it, but can we teach our students to spot it? I say, ask a teacher librarian like Amy Linden! Her session at Fall CUE will give you the resources to...

Picture Stacey Cool

Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Stacey Cool

Technology should make your life easier. That’s exactly what Stacey Cool is going to do to your classroom. She will also give you ideas to not just make your day to day easier, but...

Picture Kim Harrison

Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Kim Harrison

Have you ever spent 20 minutes looking for a file on your Drive? Have you ever forgotten how you named it, so there is no possible way to retrieve it? Have you ever resorted to searching...

Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Jay Sorensen

We know that standing in front of students and delivering content is not the key to engagement. But did you know that giving students essential questions is also working against empowering...