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Picture Todd Sinclair

Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Todd Sinclair

When I went to my first CUE event, what stood out to me mostly was of course the amazing energy of the presenters, but also the practical pedagogy that was being taught. The sessions...

Picture of Elizabeth Wisnia with Geoff Belleau

Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Elizabeth Wisnia

One of my favorite things about Fall CUE is the opportunity to learn and collaborate with educators who serve students in so many different roles. Elizabeth Wisnia works for the California...

Picture Nupur Sethi

Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Nupur Sethi

As an English teacher, who began teaching with an Apple IIe, I remember collecting work all year long to create portfolios. I had bins full of projects and writing assignments for each...

Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Kyle Anderson

Tired of students yawning through your presentations? Hoping for more student engagement with your slides? Time to check out Pear Deck with Google Slides presented by Nevada’s very...

Picture Bonnie Marks

Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Bonnie Marks

Do you ever feel like doing more to affect change in California? Bonnie Marks is going to give you the chance. At Fall CUE, she will be sharing how CUE is working for you, and what you can...

Picture Amy Linden

Fall CUE Speaker Showcase: Amy Linden

Fake news. Fake news. We hear it, read it, but can we teach our students to spot it? I say, ask a teacher librarian like Amy Linden! Her session at Fall CUE will give you the resources to...