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iPad Deployment

iPad Deployment: This Time with Students

This summer marked my 4th summer prepping an iPad deployment. Every June I think, “Yes, this will be the smoothest year. We finally have it all figured out.” And then, inevitably, an update to our MDM or the iPads or both throws us...

Tethered iPads

Tethered Caching for iOS using a Mac

In March of 2017, Apple released (with little fanfare) an article on tethering your iOS mobile device to your Mac computer. This now enables the ability to bring Ethernet speed to the iOS device and cache previous downloads to your Mac without...

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Take a Hike and Take Your PD With You

I’ve been doing a lot of math in my head lately trying to puzzle through some vexing equations: Teachers + Technology + (?) = Engaging/Effective PD (Sub-equation: Effective = Dynamic Learning for Students and More Trusting, Transparent...

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Technology As Privilege: Why Using It Matters

“Itsy? IT? It was an Edtech thing in Philly.” I heard my coworker say. “ISTE?” I interjected excitedly. “Did you go? Did you have fun? How was it?” He took a moment to measure his reaction. “Well, it was good to get swag…?” “That’s it?”...

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Getting in on the Green Screen Scene

My fourth grade students have met George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Robert E. Lee. They have traveled from the forest to the desert to the beach in a matter of seconds. How is this possible? Through the magic of green screens. What are...