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V.I.R.G.I.L. Con

As I reflect upon my journey as an educator, Professional Learning and mentoring have been my constant companion. Without the counsel and support of my fellow educators, I doubt that I...

Weekend PD

Are You a Weekend (PD) Warrior?

I am one of “those” teachers – you know the kind. The one who comes in early and stays later than most. The one who takes work home and is up late working on new ideas and activities...

Sharing Ideas with @Learning100

An important part of my role as a student learning coach in a K-5 building (with over 40 teachers) is to encourage each of them to implement new or different ideas whenever, wherever, and...

Conference podium

Want to Grow as an Educator? PRESENT!

I was recently involved in a #caedchat Twitter chat in which the question was posed – “What is the value of speaking at a conference? How does one go about doing so?” This...


The Importance Of Feedback

One of my roles as Director of Educational Technology for the Roseville City School District is to lead changes with grading and support teachers with their grade books. One thing that...


Oprah-fy Your PD

In 2004, Oprah Winfrey created one of TV Guide’s 100 Biggest Moments in Television when she infamously gave away cars to her entire studio audience.  One of the biggest quotes to come out...

rock star heart

A Rock Star Event for a Rock Star Cause

Want to be a Rock Star educator AND a Rock Star human being? On February 10th & 11th CUE is holding a very special Rock Star Benefit Camp for educator victims of the NorCal fires. 100%...

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