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Simple Steps For Starting School With Tech

Eager new faces file into the classroom with the start of the new school year, many because of their desire to use technology in their classes. As a I have moved from having a few devices...

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Less Paper, More Play

I’d like to tell you my paperless classroom stems from a deep belief in using technology to empower students, or to attempt innovation in my classroom and practice. Those things are true...

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Media Literacy 101

Part 3 of 5 in a series by CUE guest blog editor Doug Robertson Studies have shown that by 2015, the average American will consume over fifteen hours of media each day, not counting work...

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YouTube in the Classroom? YES!

By CUE Memeber and Guest Blogger Karen Mensing Hilarious cat videos, retro commercials and “not safe for work” clips might come to mind at the mention of the word “YouTube.” However, many...