The CUE Unconference is Back!

Part 4 of 4 in a series By CUE guest blog editor Stephen Davis

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Back in 2009, CUE Member Steve Hargadon proposed the idea of a participant-driven “un-conference” called “CUE Unplugged.” CUE loved the idea, created space in the Convention Center foyer and BAM!, CUE’s first un-conference was born! Over the years, interest waxed and waned, and in 2012, we allowed the event to sunset.

But the sun also rises.

We watched as the movement took a turn towards self-organized events outside of large venues – focused on local, often free events at schools and universities around the globe. Events such as “Playdates” “EdCamps” and others launched and flourished.

Meanwhile, CUE’s Annual Conference grew, and in 2014, began bursting at the seams. To address this ever-increasing demand we’ve decided to expand our use of the main stage in Oasis 4 to highlight additional spotlight speakers and popular sessions.

We also added one additional venue: the super-hip Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs!

The philosophy of an Unconference is that participants drive the agenda and exchange of ideas, free of charge, and no sponsored presentations.

An Unconference is informal and you will frequently see people leaving one session to go into another session (known as “voting with their feet”). Additionally, participants often will not even be in a session; rather, participants will spend time talking with each other in the halls and be just as inspired as if they were listening to a keynote speaker.

More information here and don’t forget to check back regularly on the online schedule and join in!


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