The ITM Rocks the Summer at ISTE and Into Season Four!

Written by CUE Member Mark Hammons @mhammons


Things are continuing to rock and roll over at CUE’s ITM Show (Infinite Thinking Machine Show). Season three wrapped up with a paperless classroom encore. The ITM Live! Tour captured some inspiring moments from the Annual CUE Conference from Dan Meyer, Hall Davidson and LeVar Burton. Season Four is officially underway with the first episode focusing on a Rock n’ Roll High School in Huntington Beach California. The ITM Show is in the groove to take learning to a whole new level.

As a fan of the original series from many moons ago, I’ve had an ed tech crush with the ITM Show that I’m mildly embarrassed to admit here. It was instrumental in providing me the guidance and inspiration to think outside of my current environment and see what is possible to inspire others. I was crushed to hear that the band broke up and the ITM Show went on a hiatus. Thankfully, CUE got the band got back into the studio a few years later and it’s been rocking!

m/  <- Rock n’ Roll fingers!

With the energy and enthusiasm of our US host Ramsey Musallam and our international host Michelle Cordy, we are trying to make our content reach an international audience. As season four gets kicks off during this summer tour, we’d like to share a few kudos from the past year or so. Season three was a momentous year as the ITM Show was not only nominated for a few things like the Webby awards and the International Academy of Web Television Awards, but the ITM was honored to receive the Silver Level award for Editing and Best Instructional Web Video from the W3 Awards. As a special treat, the award was given to Executive Producer and ITM creator Chris Walsh at the 2014 CUE Conference by none other than LeVar Burton. It was an epic moment that summarizes the great work happening at the Infinite Thinking Machine.

The rocking is going to continue throughout the summer, especially at the 2014 ISTE Conference this weekend! You’ll be guaranteed to see many ITMers up on the stage at the Ed Tech Karaoke taking their classroom talent to a whole new level. Don’t miss this rock n’ roll adventure.

Mark Hammons

Mark Hammons currently is an Educational Technology Consultant at the Fresno County Office of Education and serves as an advisor to educational organizations throughout the world. Mark holds an M.A. in Educational Technology specializing in mobile learning and instructional design. As an Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Teacher, Authorized Google Education Trainer and New Media Consortium Ambassador, Mark travels the world promoting Educational Technology to educators and students. Follow Mark on twitter (@mhammons).

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