Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education

I regularly get asked, “How do I bring virtual reality to my classroom?” One example I often give is my VR elective. Find a way to expose your students to the power of immersive tech like virtual reality, and give them a taste of educational content and relevant educational games that have high replay value and keep them engaged.

Before you bring VR into your classroom take the time to educate yourself, experiment, and then dream. Guess what! You will have the opportunity this year at CUE Spring 2018!

I am honored to be coordinating CUE’s inaugural AR/VR Playground featuring 5 AR/VR experiences relevant to K12 educators. Google, Apple, HTC, Toshiba, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, the California State Parks, and New Reality (TreeVR) will be in attendance, showcasing the latest and greatest in augmented and virtual reality technologies.

The AR/VR Playground will be located in the Lobby and will be open Thursday, March 15th, from 10:30am-4:30 pm. Stop by and experience the power of virtual reality immersion first hand. It engages three key senses: sight, sound, and touch. Leave with bits, bytes, and inspiration to take back and integrate into your classroom and school.

Please join us Thursday and support immersive technology in education. Thank you to CUE for having the vision and commitment to highlighting AR and VR unlike any educational conference has ever done.

Steven Sato is currently the Technology Director for an independent school in Los Angeles. He is a Google Innovator and focuses on the integration of immersive technologies in K12 Education. He is also the co-organizer of the Los Angeles Immersive Edtech Meetup. Steven also creates engagement and experiences between K12 education and the immersive industry through dialogue, conferences and meetups. You can read more about immersive edtech on his blog, http://www.stevensato.com, and follow him on Twitter at @stevensato.


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