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ARock Star logopplications to be a part of a the faculty for CUE Rock Star Camps are open, but they close Jan 10. We’re always looking for exciting new voices to join the family, but why should you? The CUE Blog went straight to the horse’s mouth and asked some of our Faculty (also sometimes known as CUE Lead Learners) what it is about the CUE Rock Star experience that keeps them coming back. 

SaundersDavid Saunders

We are living in exciting times when it comes to professional development. Standing amidst the increasingly varied field is CUE Rock Star Camps, a singularly amazing professional learning opportunity for emerging leaders.

CUE Rock Star camps are designed to offer transformational learning experiences through a combination of structured two-hour hands-on sessions, and plenty of informal social time over the course of three days.

Being a CUE Rock Star faculty member is awesome for so many reasons, not the least of which is the opportunity to be connected to some of the most daring, unorthodox, and passionate teachers around the country. As a CUE Rock Star faculty member, you will get to design authentic, meaningful learning experiences for everyone in your session.

The CUE Rock Star Camp model is ideal for teacher leaders looking to break out of the traditional conference presentation mold and create something truly unique.

CobleCorey Coble

I always thought the faculty at CUE Rock Star Camps were titans of the educational technology world. In reality they are enthusiastic and creative educators using technology to supplement great teaching. You are not a “presenter,” but rather an educator with passion sharing your experience. With the Rock Star Camp philosophy you facilitate a fun, interactive session where you share your passions for engaging lessons and technology.

Time is built in the day for faculty to interact and socialize with the attendees. Having a two hour lunch where I could make new friends and share cool experiences was liberating. The first time someone came up and showed me something they made after going to my session was so rewarding. I never get that when I present at a regular conference.

massaDarren Massa

Rock Star camps have ice cream! I love ice cream.



briggsBrian Briggs

I submitted my name to as many CUE Rock Star Camps as I could last year. I never went to summer camp as a kid and I believe this is as close as it gets as an adult. There’s a special feeling when like-minded educators are together experiencing something magical. I like to be able to share my knowledge and learn alongside participants. It’s almost like being a magician teaching slight-of-hand, creating ooo’s and aww’s of a basic trick, and then encouraging the participants to put their own spin on the trick. But it goes beyond the learning at CUE Rock Star, it’s also about building lasting relationships with other educators in an informal and entertaining setting. Like summer camp, I look forward to being reunited with my friends and sharing stories and ideas each year.

Sanchez 3Trisha Sanchez

A year and a half ago I found my people. You know, the ones who share the same philosophical outlook on education and are just as quirky as you? My people saved me.

I needed to find influences outside of my district that would push my thinking, require me to grow as a professional, who shared my passion, and were willing to have hard conversations. This is why I applied to be CUE Rock Star Faculty. I didn’t apply because I felt I was an expert; I was doing things in my classroom that were having positive effects on student learning and wanted to share. I wanted to share what worked for me and what didn’t work, but more importantly I wanted to hear what ideas my participants had as we discussed the topic I was presenting. I wanted to learn with my participants.

I continue to apply to be CUE Rock Star Faculty not only to share what I’m doing, but to meld with other great minds, doing great things with their students. It saved me a year and a half ago, now it sustains me. I love my CUE Rock Star family.

campos2Ed Campos

CUE Rock Star Camps are electric and the environment is the perfect conduit for powerful learning, sharing, connecting, and growing. I take what I’ve learned from Rock Star Camps back to my school and lead my colleagues in using technology effectively in the classroom. The friendships and connections I’ve made with other attendees and faculty have been invaluable.

traciTraci Bondi

The value of being a CUE Rock Star faculty is in the freedom to create my own professional development based on my interests. With a broad stroke framework, each faculty member designs their curriculum following the guidelines and format. I enjoyed presenting for no more than 30 minutes total followed by work that was meant to be a deliverable used in the classrooms or schools in the very near future by attendees. “Space and time” is the greatest gift we can give educators and CUE Rock Star’s format follows that thinking very nicely.

Rock Star is all about the encouragement, skill and confidence building, transformation, and empowerment of educators. I consider myself blessed to be a part of this amazing network of passionate and fearless educators and grateful to be in the position of empowering other teachers to join the party. I’m proud to be a part of this movement that’s transforming education and ultimately, making learning fun, effective, and impactful for students everywhere.

Once more, applications are still open but close on JANUARY 10, so get your form filled out now to experience for yourself what these educators are on about. You’ll love it. I should know, I’m not only the CUE Blog Editor, but I’m also a client.*

*does anyone still get this reference?

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