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Give Them The Choice!

We all know that when students are engaged in a lesson it is much more successful. How to you get students engaged? How do you motivate them? I have found that by giving my students choice...

Pencils and PaperClips

The Maker Movement Meets Literacy

The maker movement is all about making learning meaningful through creating new solutions. Some of you may say to yourself, “My school doesn’t have a makerspace,” or “I don’t have time!” I...

Wind Rose

Giving Our Students Freedom

Some of the common things I hear when I tell someone I teach middle school include: “Oh, I’m sorry,” “Why?” and my personal favorite, “Let me buy you a drink.” I’m not saying that I don’t...

Computers with Code

Learning to Teach for the Future

“If you can dream it, you can code it.” As I looked around the huge ballroom filled with eager educators, Hadi Partovi’s words began to energize and excite me. It also seemed Partovi’s...

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Sharing Humanity in the Classroom

If you’re like me, I love engaging students with short videos. I especially love short inspirational videos that get my students to think. I use them as starters for writing, discussions...

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Light a Spark

Adobe Spark is not a new tool, but if you haven’t checked it out lately, you don’t know Spark. In April, Adobe announced that they would make this creation tool free for students and...